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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Football, dress shopping and a leak in the sink. Just another weekend!

This blog has become a big old weekend update blog.  Pretty boring, I know.  I'm hoping that one day in the near future I start updating it more frequently and actually do some real writing.  But one thing I've discovered in my old age, is that my life is pretty boring (I'm okay with that) and I'm pretty lazy (I'm okay with that, too.)  But I do like to write so perhaps I will find some good writing prompts and go from there but until then....

let's do a weekend update!

The football team finally won a game on Friday.  I was so happy for these boys.  They are working so hard and to win one was nice.  Looking ahead to this Friday though, we get to drive an hour and a half away to play a team that has won all five of their games this season.  It's so funny, every week, Sarah asks Peter if they are going to win.  And every week he refuses to answer with anything but an, "I don't know." 

And it angers him.  Because he knows the answer is most likely "no" but he isn't going to say that.  He even told her once to stop asking because no player is ever going to say that they are going to lose.  I think that's a good attitude. Even if you know the odds aren't in your favor, at least go in thinking you have a chance!

In other news, I took Sarah shopping for a dress for the homecoming dance.  We tried on quite a few and she found one that she absolutely loved.  Like heart-eyes-emojii loved.  We were about to take it to the register to ring it up until we realized there was no price tag on it.  Then we grabbed another one and it was ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE than all the other dresses she tried on.

So we politely declined.  We looked for it online and could not find it anywhere.  So the hunt continues.  I'm not going to show you the dress she loves just in case we get desperate and end up going back to get it but here is one she almost bought but she thought it was a little too long on her:

I thought it was perfect but she didn't love it as much as I did so we left that one behind.  The hunt continues....

I was doing so house cleaning on Friday and felt something wet underneath the sink and determined that we had a leak!  I was panicked and stressed out until Dan got home, tightened and valve that had come loose and it was as good as new.  Duh on my part but so glad it didn't require a costly visit from the plumber.

And that's pretty much all that's going on here.  Except for the fact that the kids don't have school on Friday or Monday sooooooooo - on a whim this past weekend we decided to get a place to stay at the beach for a couple of nights! 

We are heading down on Saturday morning and will return on Monday evening.  The weather is still hot and dry here and should continue to be that way through the weekend so hopefully we will get some nice beach weather! We are using VRBO for the first time and I hope we have no issues.  I've been in contact with the owner already and she got back with me very quickly and seems nice so hopefully all with go well.


Mari said...

I think Sarah looks cute in that dress, but it needs to put a sparkle in her eye. Of course the one she liked was way more!
Have a fun weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I love your posts! I'm so glad you haven't started a brand and run sponsored posts. Regular life posts are always my favorite. I love hearing about everyone else's normal lives.

Sarah's dress does look cute!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats to the football team!
I love the black dress on Sarah....I swear though, she was just in elementary school and not going to a homecoming dance. :)
I love VRBO-have a great little getaway!

Madeline said...

Yay for the football team! So glad they got a win. How great your leak was a tiny fix! (When does that ever happen?) I hope Sarah finds a dress and you have a nice little getaway!

Ernie said...

My sister gave my girls the dresses her daughter left behind when she left for college. Um, several still had the tags on them. I swear she essentially had the same dress in red blue and green. Mini wore the green one to Homecoming. My niece is quite short, and this dress was not generous in the length department on my tall kid. I had to explain to Coach that dresses do not come in lengths, and it was free.

Congrats to the team! Have a great time at the beach. I am glad my airbnb story will not post until after you return. Trust me - you will not have issues like we did. Not possible. I saw it coming, but now that we survived - it is damn entertaining!