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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Football and an adorable kitten...

To say Peter is obsessed with football is an understatement.

Last week he had a JV game on Wednesday (his final one and he was very glad!) He came home from football practice on Thursday and watched the NFL game.  He had his varsity game on Friday night and then immediately upon getting out of bed on Saturday morning proceeded to watch college football. All. Day.

Then on Sunday, he watched his Panthers and afterwards the other football games that were on.  And then of course, on Monday we watched more NFL football.

He can't get enough.  I've probably had enough.  And the season is only beginning!  Luckily we have more than one tv!  :)

This Friday night, our football game was supposed to be at home BUT due to possible rain AND the fact that our normal reschedule days of Saturday and Monday are unavailable for some reason, we now play on Thursday night AWAY.

BOO to all of this! 

And Peter has mentioned that since we aren't going to be at his football game then maybe we could do to the Wake/Carolina game on Friday night instead.  Not sure if we are going to do that yet or not.  I did check StubHub and there are tickets available.

And speaking of Peter, we are currently in the process of scheduling some college visits.  We've got one scheduled so far.  And that was hard enough to pin down between Peter's school and football schedule and Dan's work schedule and just general availability at the university.  Apparently these tours fill up pretty quickly.  The next tour will have to wait until after Christmas.

 And look at this cutie that my brother rescued from his work.  Isn't she just the prettiest thing??  She is very sweet.  She  had an upper respiratory infection but luckily was AIDS and Feline Leukemia free so he is able to keep her!  Sarah goes to visit her and hopefully hat will take care of her desire for me to get her a cat.


Billie Jo said...

That is a whole bunch of football!
Does he do Fantasy Football??
That is a thing in our house...UGH!
Cute kitten too!
Have a cozy evening!

Madeline said...

And is he watching Friday Night Lights in Tuesdays and Wednesdays? I am glad he is enjoying himself, congrats to his last JV Game!! That is a sweet looking kitten but I fear it will only fuel her fire. Sorry you have an Away game tonight. Hope it goes well.

Ernie said...

The only sports I have time for anymore are the ones that my kids play in, and I don't mind that Tank plays golf. While some parents go to golf meets - I would not know where to go and I would feel silly. Tank does not care. Phew.

College visit scheduling is very tough when they are in school. Tank is the same age as Peter, and we have not even discussed looking at a school. I need to recover from Ed's visits. I think Tank has a pretty good idea where he wants to go and it is less than 2 hours from us, so I will be happy to check it out at some point.

Yes, cute kitty. I do not blame you for trying to avoid adding a kitty to your household.