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Monday, August 26, 2019

So tired because I'm old and I don't like to stay up late!

It's been a busy few days around here!  Last Thursday was the kids first day of school.  In addition to all of that excitement, it was Peter's first ever football game!

Even though he is in the 11th grade, because our school is small and he has no previous football experience, he is going to have to play several JV games.  The rule in NC is that if you are in the 11th and 12th grades and have never played JV football, you can play on the JV team BUT once you have played in 8 quarters of Varsity football, you are no longer eligible to play JV.

It was a non-conference game and we played a school twice our size and sadly we lost but it was good experience for Peter.  He played for most of the game!

Peter is number 77.  As an older player, he was one of the captains and got to go out for the coin toss!

Friday nightwe we played at home and sadly lost to the varsity squad of the same school.  Peter was on the kick off return team so he went in three times for that and he got to play in the final minute on regular teams.  He ended up playing in 3 quarters so he is hoping he has only 5 quarters left to play at the JV level but he is nervous/worried that his coach is going to keep him longer on the JV team (limit his varsity time) because our JV team is small.

Peter's varsity number is 22.

Stellar photography on my part!  But he's out there on the field as part of the kick off return team.

I guess we will see what this week holds as he has another JV game on Thursday and another V game on Friday.

This past Friday, the weather was bad and we had a very long delay due to lightening.  We ended up not getting home from the game until after midnight.

Sarah had a sleepover with a group of her besties in Greensboro so that meant I was out the door on Saturday  morning to drive 45 minute to go pick her up.  I told Dan that I felt like I was hungover.  That's what going to bed at 12:30 versus 10:30 will do to an almost 50-year-old woman!

On our way home from the sleepover, we stopped at Walmart to pick up some things for school that her teachers told her she needed.  It was a madhouse in there because all the area public schools start back today and everyone was in the school supply section trying to get all of their supplies.

I came home and made dessert for Sunday lunch:

This deliciousness is Ooey Gooey Butter Cake with chocolate chips.  YUM!!!

My brother was having a housewarming party and only men were invited so I had a girl's night with my mom, Sarah, and my bestie Jennifer and her girls.  We went to Hakka Chow for dinner.

On Sunday we headed to Mass, lunch at my mom's house, and then Dan and I took Sarah to Advance to work on a project for school.  We dropped her off and had a mini date night. 

Then we came home and watched some Beachfront Bargain Hunt and then headed to bed.  This will be the first full week of school for the kids but at least we have a long weekend to look forward to and I'm hopeful can catch up on my sleep then!


Madeline said...

Ug I know what you mean by the lack of sleep hangover! I am feeling it today because I am not in "school mode wake ups" yet. So happy that Peter is enjoying football. That girls dinner looks like a great time!

Gigi said...

It brings back memories to see those uniforms!! Hopefully, Peter will make the jump to Varsity.

Staying up late is something I very rarely do anymore...I just can't.

Mari said...

Hooray for Peter! Hope he enjoys his time on both teams.
Your cake looks yummy!

Michelle said...

I can’t hang either! Now I know why old people are
Always napping...they are making up for all those years of sleep deprivation caused by their kids!

Ernie said...

I hear ya. Lack of sleep is the worst. I fall asleep on the couch all the time by 9 pm. I am actually having bloodwork done because the doc is wondering if I am inadvertently getting gluten because I am having sleep issues. Speaking of gluten- that dessert looks yummy! Good luck getting in a groove for the school year. Best of luck to Peter on his football season!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hopefully the football team will gain some more skills, especially playing bigger/better teams.
You're NOT old. Don't say's not true.
But, we DO need our sleep, so I understand that awkward/hungover like feeling.