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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

What we've been up to.

Soooooooo.....what have we been up to?

Let's see.  Well, Peter is finished with track so now he is able to drive Sarah home in the afternoons and I have an extra hour in my day!  Have I been doing anything productive with that hour?  Not really but I'm definitely enjoying saving the gas!

Sarah's Girl Scout troop had a big yard sale this weekend and raised almost the amount of money they needed to reach their goal.  They are using the money for an awesome trip they have planned for June.  They are headed to Colorado! 

Dan finally got the garden planted.  So hopefully in two months we will have some tomatoes.  We are a couple of weeks behind due to our trip to St. Augustine and  it seems that it's raining every single weekend. We've got 4 varieties of tomatoes, a couple of varieties of peppers, some herbs, and cucumbers. 

Last Thursday, I had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with my former Mother's of Preschoolers (MOPS) Caregroup.  (We still meet once a month for coffee.) After lunch we went back to the Escape Room that we went to last year.  We tried a different room and this time we were successful!

This was my slice of deliciousness!  It's the 30th Anniversary Cheesecake.  So good!

We made it out with under seven minutes to spare!
Kim (sporting a Happy Birthday hat above) celebrated her 50th birthday on Friday.  Her husband had an awesome drop-in celebration for her at a local cupcake shop.  There were cupcakes, cake pops, ice cream and coffee.  It was a perfect way to celebrate her 50th! 

I turn 50 in September and I'm a little bummed out by it.  50 sounds so old!  And honestly 50 is also starting to look and feel old.  My joints creak when I get up from a sitting position and my skin is getting so crepe papery.  And I'm not just talking about on my face.  I'm talking about on my legs and arms.  I can moisturize like crazy and after a few minutes the old lady crepe paper skin returns. Sometimes I look in the mirror and honestly, don't recognize the old face staring back at me! 

But, enough about my mid-life crisis.  On Saturday the school held it's annual Trivia Night which is a fundraiser for the athletic booster club.  It was so much fun!  Our team didn't win but it was a great night over all.  And we bid on and won a basket full of Yeti goodies! 

On Sunday afternoon, we took Sarah out for more driving practice and we spotted a rainbow!

And my rosebushes are producing a ton of lovely blooms!

And that's what we've been up to lately!


Madeline said...

Oh my gosh, look at that cheesecake! It looks amazing! How nice to save on gas and time for a few weeks. (How crazy summer is so close!)

Laura M said...

Those roses are beautiful

Billie Jo said...

Hello, my fellow September 50th birthday girl!!!!
So much to love here today.
Your roses are unbelievable.
And I love that you and your Mops group continue to get together.
My skin is soooo dry and ITCHY!!!!
Beautiful rainbow.
Thanks for sharing.
Always love seeing God's promise. : )

Gigi said...

Turning 50 didn't bother me TOO much - but seeing the subtle changes (i.e., wrinkles, etc) is the hardest part. But I'm trying hard to think of them as proof of a life filled with joy and love - because short of drastic plastic surgery I don't have any other option.

Mari said...

The cheesecake looks so good! Love the rainbow too.
You look fabulous - nowhere near 50! I'm 58 and the joints and skin are showing it.
So glad you stopped at my blog. My bloglovin site where I keep track of new posts people put up lost me and I couldn't log in. So I started a new one and have been adding people as they stop by since I had no way to find them. What a pain!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think I just gained a pound looking at the dessert. :)
Your roses are just gorgeous and I'm jealous that Dan preps the garden for you. I wish I had a gardening assistant, but apparently, I'm the only one who really wants one. LOL
I get you on the changes at 50. Don't give up yet though, you just need to adjust your skincare routine. I've added a vitamin C serum to my daily facial regime (game changer!) and an alpha hydroxy body lotion that really helps with the crepy-ness. I'll add a link. You do have to add a sunscreen over this since it has acids in it, but it really helps the knees, thighs and elbows.