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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Another weekend in the books.

We are just cruising right along here.  May is usually very crazy for everyone with school-aged kids but this year, our May has been manageable.  Dare I say almost calm?  I guess it's because no one is receiving first communion or being confirmed or graduating to a different school..  It's pretty much been business as usual around here this May and I'm okay with that!

On Friday evening we attended Fine Arts Day at school.  It's a day long event but parents come in the evening to listen to see what all of the art and music students have been up to all year. 

There was a food truck so we grabbed dinner and brought our chairs and watched the performances in the courtyard. The weather was perfect and we had a lovely evening.

Peter's intermediate guitar ensemble performed several Queen songs and I managed to get this one recorded!

Saturday was yard mowing and house cleaning and cake making for Sunday dessert.  On Saturday evening we went shopping for football cleats for Peter and then went out to dinner. 

Sunday was Mass and lunch at mom's where we celebrated my Uncle's 84th birthday.  I made a chocolate chip cookie cake that had cream cheese frosting between the layers and was covered in a chocolate ganache.  It was so good!

It looks like a hot mess on the inside but it was sooooooo good!  This is the recipe I used. (The only this I did differently from the recipe was to double the ganache and pour it over the entire cake so it looked like it was frosted. )

And now we are already at Tuesday.  Dan is currently in Ireland.  The kids are out of school this Friday and next Monday.  It is always at this point in the year that I wish Christmas and Easter breaks were a little shorter and that we started a little earlier in August so that we could be done this week and not have to go back after Memorial Day. 

Now you are caught up!


Madeline said...

I am super excited for summer vacation. Fine arts day sounds like a fun day to experience. A food truck and Queen music (among other things I'm sure) that's pretty great. And oh my gravy that cake looks so delicious!

Kelli said...

We are on summer countdown here....six more days! Your cake looks delicious!
Hope you are having a good week!