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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Just another weekend dump...

Thanks to Monday being a holiday, I will spend the rest of this week wondering what day it is.  

The kids were out of school on Friday and Dan returned home from Ireland Friday night.  The boys did yard work on Saturday while I did house work and made a blueberry pie.  And Sarah started her in-car driving!  Here's a picture I took of her driving out of our driveway:

She had a two hour session on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and is now officially done with Driver's Ed.  Her birthday is June 4th and she can go anytime on that day or after to test for her permit! 

On Monday we had a cookout with my brother and mom and Jennifer's family.  I took zero pictures but we had a great time! 

Dan grilled burgers, my mom made twice baked potatoes, and I made a creamy cucumber salad, a fresh corn and tomato salad and Paula Deen's banana pudding recipe. (If you like banana pudding then you will love her recipe! I always make it in a trifle bowl so it looks mo' fancy.) I also made a baked pimento cheese dip that was delicious.  I will be making that one again.

And yesterday was Monday/Tuesday which meant grocery shopping and swim team practice has started.  And today is Tuesday/Wednesday and I had a doctor's appointment and Sarah has an orthodontist appointment and more swim practice and I guess tomorrow will be Wednesday/Thursday and where is this week going??

I finally abandoned my old neurologist, Dr. Jeffrey.  A couple of years ago he moved from the Winston-Salem area to Lake Norman to semi-retire and I had been faithfully driving over an hour each way twice a year for my appointment.  I finally got tired of that and asked him for a recommendation here and today was my appointment with the MS specialist he recommended.  I really like her and I'm wondering why I didn't do this sooner. 

And now you are all caught up with my life.  Maybe one of these days I will write a post with some substance and not bore you all with my "what we did this weekend" dumps. 

Or maybe not.  I used to write about the kids all the time and now every time I even take a picture they scream "you're not putting that on your blog are you?"     If I wrote about them in detail on here and they found out they would kill me.

Have a great Tuesday/Wednesday!


Billie Jo said...

Never stop writing, Beth!
I love hearing about your days!
Glad you liked your new doctor.
That is always a relief.
Happy whatever day it is!

Madeline said...

I am glad you like your new doctor! Yay Sarah, how nice she could get in so many hours in one weekend. Have a great Thursday!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't believe Sarah is driving already. How did that happen???
I rarely know what day it is and throw in a holiday and I'm toast!
Happy news about your Dr; I pray you are in great hands!