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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My thoughts on feet, TV shows and guess what I STILL haven't finished?

Guess what I STILL haven't done. 

Yep.  My taxes.


Procrastinate and still not do my taxes?

Probably, but hopefully not.  I have until 2:45 and it's only 9:00 so I should be able to get them done.  SHOULD being the key word because even though I will have the time today, I still don't necessarily have the motivation.  Although the fact that it is only 3 weeks until they are due should really be all the motivation I need.

Hmmmm....what can I tell you about now so that I can procrastinate a little longer??

Last night we all watched an episode of Hoarders. I've seen quite a few episodes of this show.  I usually turn on the TV  when I'm making dinner or doing something in the kitchen and a lot of times, old episodes of this show are on.  And just like watching My 600-Pound Life, watching Hoarders makes me feel pretty good about the state of my life.

Last night, Peter sat down and watched it with us and Sarah watched some of it with us too. It was a two hour episode which I think was about an hour too long but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  This particular hoarder owned THREE houses in which she kept all of her hoard.  (I'm just left wondering how this 75 year old woman was able to afford THREE houses.)

Her hoarding problem began when she realized she could sell things online that she had picked up on the side of the road for profit. Although it really sounds like she like to go to yard sales and buy junk all of her life and then she divorced her husband and things really took a turn.  (Based on my experience watching this show, there's always some major life event like a divorce or a death that brings out the extreme hoarding.) But things got away from her and now she owed the county $250 a day until she cleaned up the outside of one of these houses.

I always feel bad for these people because clearly they are mentally ill.  This lady had a live-in boyfriend and he would randomly go around with a hammer and start banging on any of her things that seemed to irritate him until they were broken.  And he always did so with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and he was also usually holding a can of something in a koozie.  Beer?  Not sure but we had a lot of fun watching this character.

The next show up was The Toe Bro.

First of all, what a ridiculous show name.  I get that TLC is trying to come up with something catchy in the same vein as Dr. Pimple Popper but The Toe Bro? So dorky sounding.

I enjoy watching Dr. Pimple Popper and was interested to see what The Toe Bro was all about.,  But after only watching about 15 minutes, I had to leave.

First of all, I hate feet.  I don't care how nice you think your feet are - they are not nice.  You've just looked at them your whole life so you don't realize how jacked up they are.  Everyone has homely  feet but when you add fungus toenails, ingrown toenails, callouses, and just the gross heel skin,  it is not anything that I want to see on an extra large TV screen.

He started digging into a giant blood blister and blood started going everywhere and I began to gag.  I tried to sit there for a bit to watch with the rest of the family who really seemed to be enjoying it but then he started to remove a toe nail and I could literally feel it in my chest. (Is that weird?  It was as if he was pulling off my toe nail.)  Combine the weird feeling in my chest with all the gagging I was doing, I knew I had to go to bed.

I'm not sure how late the rest of the family stayed up watching that disgusting show but The Toe Bro is not for me.  And I find this odd considering that I can watch Dr. Pimple Popper squeeze all manner of disgusting pus and what not out of all manner of large growths on random peoples bodies.  I guess it's just my aversion to feet.

Ok.  I guess I've done all the procrastinating I can do for one morning.  I really should get to those taxes...

And just because I can't leave a post without a picture and I certainly don't want to post any feet pictures, here are some lovely Walmart tulips I purchased on Monday.


Madeline said...

Good luck with the taxes! I am not a fan of feet either. Except for little tiny baby feet, those I am good with. I have not seen that show but I am pretty sure I don't want to! Beautiful tulips, so cheery and spring-like!

Gigi said...

We haven't even LOOKED at our taxes, much less started on them - much to The Husband's vexation. He has told me that once I get back from Texas that we HAVE to do them. I'm dreading it. And then? We have to sit down and teach Man-Child how to do his taxes!

I've only watched Hoarder's once or twice and had to quit because it made me cry. As for the other shows, nope...not for me.

Ernie said...

Our taxes are done by my friend (who we pay) ever since Coach's business that he is a partner in was sold. Now it is literally not possible for a non-professional to do them. She files an extension every year, because the k1 comes out so late. But . . . i cannot remember if I still need to get her some form of paperwork before she files the extension. Need to text her and ask. She has been my friend since 2nd grade so lots of forgiveness there.

I cannot watch ANY of that. Gross!!! My dad begged me to be a nurse like my sis when i was in college. Nope. I pass out too eady.

Mari said...

I like Dr Pimple Popper too, but have heard about the Toe Bro - not sure I would like that one either. Hoarders is very sad. For once, I don't have to be jealous when I see your tulips because I have some too, and they are the same color!

Billie Jo said...

This is why I watch retro shows~
The Brady Bunch, I dream of Jeanie, Match Game.
I can't take the new stuff today.
And I sound really old, don't I????? : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lovely flowers.
I also need to gather our tax stuff...luckily, I drop it off at the CPA's office.
Hoarders always makes me sad. Dr. Pimple popper makes me gag and I've not heard of the Toe guy yet. But, since my second big toe is still healing from the in-grown toenail procedure (i can hardly look at mine as it heals) I know that is NOT a show I'll watch.
What's next? Maggie Mammogram? Proctologist Pete on TLC??

Suzanne said...

Beautiful tulips! This is a good reminder that I need to do two or three tax-related things... newish!

Also, the Toe Bro sounds horrendous. I am impressed you made it 15 minutes!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

That cake!!! Yum! Carrot Cake is my fave. I am a newbie here. Nice blog.