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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Just another weekly update.

Since it's been a week since I last posted, let me update you on all the things....

Last Friday after we dropped Peter off at a friend's house for a party, we took Sarah to school for a lacrosse match.  The match didn't start until 7:30.  It was  over around 9:15 and we hadn't eaten dinner yet so we headed to the Waffle House.

Fridays in Lent while you are trying to eat low carb are the worst.  I am not a huge egg fan but I had no choice but to eat an omelette.  I got it with extra cheese and used a lot of their hot sauce and it was pretty good. 

Speaking of their hot sauce - it's called Senora Jackie's Casa de Waffle Picante.  I had to laugh at the name. I really enjoy it when businesses have a sense of humor.  While I was googling for this image, I discovered that you can buy a bottle on eBay for $17.99.  It was good y'all, but it wasn't that good. 

After we ate our fancy Waffle House dinner we still had time to kill before we had to pick up Peter so we walked around Walmart.  We are living the high life, aren't we??

Saturday morning I got up and baked a carrot cake from scratch!  It was delicious, if I do say so myself.  If you are interested in the making it, here is the recipe I used. There were quite a few steps and I had to drag out my Kitchen-Aid mixer (why you gotta be so heavy?) AND my food processor but it was totally worth it.  I will definitely be making this cake again.  Here's a pic:

Isn't she lovely??

Dan's favorite thing in life is to hike.  And since Saturday was actually a really beautiful day, he and Sarah and I headed to Morrow Mountain State Park and hiked up Hattaway Mountain.  It was only a two mile hike but it was marked as "strenuous". 

I was huffing and puffing as we reached the top but I did it!  I have lost about 10 pounds since November but I am extremely out of shape.  How do I know this? Dan (who runs 3 miles several times a week) and Sarah (who swims weekly)  huffed and puffed zero times. 

Sunday was Mass, lunch at mom's, and while Sarah was at painting class with my mom, Dan and I took a nice long drive together, ran some errands, and grabbed some coffee.

Over all the weekend was excellent. No complaints.

Monday was groceries, yesterday was catching up on things around the house and SNOW! 

We got a two hour snow shower and it was beautiful:

And the best part?  It melted as soon as it hit the ground and today is going to be sunny with a high of  almost 70 degrees!  I will take 70 degrees over snow showers any time!  Other than some rain and low 60s on Friday, the extended forecast appears to be 70s for the next 10 days.  Maybe, just maybe, spring is finally here!

On Sunday, Peter informed me that he had a ringing in his ears that started on Friday morning.  It was very mild and he could only hear it when it was quiet;  for instance when he was trying to go to sleep.  He had googled it and was very nervous that it was tinnitus and that it was the type that would never go away. 

On Monday morning he said he thought it was getting better but on Monday night he said it was still there so we made a plan and he met me after school at our doctor's office.  They have clinic hours that start at 4:00 and you can just walk in.   The PA took one look in his ears and could see a fluid build up due to his allergies (even though it snowed yesterday there has been a ton of pollen in our area) and also apparently he has been using his nasal spray incorrectly. Apparently you are supposed to shoot nasal spray into your nose at an angle.  If you shoot it straight up (as he has been doing) fluid can build up in your ear. 

So he is now taking Sudafed to clear up the fluid and if that hasn't worked in 5 days then we will go back in for steroids. Hopefully this will work and his hearing will be restored and no steroids will be needed because if I'm not mistaken, the steroids will be delivered via a shot in the rear end.  Wanna know who  would rather suffer a ringing in his ears than receive a shot in the keister?  Yep.

And with that you are all caught up. 


Madeline said...

It's good for Peter to learn early that Dr. Google isn't always right. :)

You've had a full week! We also are looking to be in the 70s soon! First time in 5 months and I am so excited!

Mari said...

I don't want a shot in the keister, but it beats ringing in the ears!
Crazy weather - so glad that snow didn't stick!

Ernie said...

Ten pounds! What?! Well done, you. I want to lose 10, but I would be happy with 5. I am trying not to eat between meals. My meals are pretty substantial, so if I can just stop snacking on skinny pop and pop corners. Sigh. Glad there was an easy fix to the ear ringing. Mini could not hear out of her ear and I finally took her. Major wax buildup. They sucked it all out and said there is really nothing to do to prevent it. Some people just have extra wax. Well, this is a delightful topic, right!? I will be in Greensboro next weekend as Curly competes at World championships for Irish dancing on April 14th. We are driving. Hoping that decent weather sticks around - most of the time I will be stuck inside at her stage, but Saturday is just a chill out day. I would love to sit in the sun for a bit.