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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Some pictures, a day and half off of school and some rain after a few sunny days.

Peter had a track meet last night and Dan snapped a few good pictures of him:

I had to take Sarah to swim so I missed seeing Peter run.

The kids have a half day today and no school tomorrow.  It's a teacher workday for the end of the quarter.  Sarah's got a doctor's appointment, Peter has a hair cut, Sarah's scheming to skip swim practice and go to a sleepover, Peter's got a track meet tomorrow night and apparently I need to buy him some running pants and a compression shirt. (Also apparently I should have done that before now but if the coach or my son doesn't tell me things like this, then I have no clue.)  So even though we won't be in school, we will be on the go.

And this cold and windy and wet weather can be gone now for good.  We had a couple of days of sunshine for which I am extremely grateful but I am ready for it to be WARM!

And apparently Google photos is trying to kill me because it sent me this little "Then and Now" it put together:

The picture of little Peter is from the summer of 2014.  Even though he looks like the giant person on the right now, I'll always think of him as the little kid on the left. 💙


Madeline said...

Oh man he looks so grown up. I always wonder how parents are just supposed to know things? HooefHope your go go go day tomorrow is good and it warms up for you!!

Gigi said...

I too was grateful for the little bit of sun we've had but the rain again today can take a hike. I'm so done with it.

Yes, I still look at Man-Child and see the little guy too.

Mari said...

I was actually thinking how grown up he is, and then you showed that picture of little Peter. I still remember the little version too - time goes too fast!

Michelle said...

Those them and now pics just pull at your heartstrings!