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Monday, March 18, 2019

We won!!!!

Our little school won the North Carolina State 1A Boy's Basketball Championship !!!!!!

Y'all what an exciting day we had!

The game was at 2:30 at the University of Chapel Hill at the Dean Smith Center.  We left early so we could grab some lunch on Franklin Street and look around the campus. 

As we pulled on to Franklin Street we could see other Bishop McGuinness students and families and that's when we started to get really excited!

We parked and headed to Sup Dogs for lunch.  The menu was hotdogs and hamburgers and everything we had was really good and it was affordable.  I like to keep lunch out cheap and tasty and this fit the bill.

After we ate we walked up and down Franklin Street for a while and of course, we had to stop into a souvenir shop.  The kids both wanted Carolina tee shirts and there was definitely no shortage of UNC merchandise on Franklin Street.

We then hopped back in our car and drove around the campus.  Not sure if you know this or not but UNC is the oldest public university in the country.  The campus is beautiful and we enjoyed driving around looking at everything.

We then made our way to the Dean Dome, parked, and headed in to our seats.  The kids quickly located The Pit (that's what the Bishop students call the student section) and found all of their friends.  Our school showed up in force to support the team:

The Pit is divided by grade levels.  The Seniors are in charge of the Pit and they sit on the rows closest to the court. (A couple of the seniors are the Pit leaders.)  Then the 11th graders are next, followed by the 10th graders, and then the lowly freshman are in the highest rows furthest away from the action. 

Students kept coming so they leaders had to keep having the freshman move up and then everyone else but after three moves they just decided to forget about the order because people were still coming and it was just too much trouble.


WE WON!!!  It was such a great game.  We were down most of the first half but by the end of the first half we were making our comeback.  We definitely went into overtime with momentum.

The second half was neck and neck but we tied it up with A DUNK with just a second left AND the shooter was fouled.  He made the first shot which put us up and then purposefully missed the second shot so that the other team would have only a second to get the rebound and try a Hail Mary.  They missed, we won and  much excitement ensued!!!!

It was such a great game and such a great win.  (I did feel bad for the other team though.  I always do.  I could tell they were heartbroken and I know our team and fans would have felt the same way.  I know there can only be one winner and I was glad it was us but it still stinks for the other team.)

Everyone was cheering and hugging and jumping up and down and I can honestly say I've never been that excited about any sporting event in my life.  And my kid wasn't even playing!  I can only imagine how the parents of the boys on this team feel. 

One other note:  A professional was videoing the game and captured that last dunk and shared it on Instagram.  Right after the dunk he panned to Nassir Little and Leaky Black, two UNC players that were there watching the game, and they were just as excited as any Bishop fan about that dunk.  We watched that video over and over again.   :)

It was a great day and I'm glad we won and and the sun is shining and NO, I still haven't finished my taxes but I'm not letting that get me down.  I'm going to ride this wave of excitement for as long as I can.

Happy Monday!


Madeline said...

How exciting!! I am so glad you were all able to go and give your support. I actually did not know UNC was the oldest public university but I am happy to learn something new today. :)

Ernie said...

How FUN!!!! I love an exciting sporting event. My knees get weak after a regular season close game- championships, I think I would pass out. Glad you guys won. Great pics!

Gigi said...

Congrats!! How exciting that must have been.

Mari said...

Woohoo! That's wonderful!
The Christian school I graduated from just won the boys basketball championship for Michigan too!

Kelli said...

How exciting!! How fun to be there as well. Great pictures from the game as well.
Isabella's college was doing good in the playoffs but lost Saturdays was fun to watch the games on TV.