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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What day is it?

This is one of those weird "what day is it?" kind of weeks.  So even though it feels like Tuesday, it's actually Wednesday which means I'm a little behind in all the things I wanted to accomplish this week.

But no matter how behind I am I have to do a recap of the weekend - the long weekend.

It was nice that it was a four day weekend for the kids.  With exams behind them, they were able to relax with no projects, tests, or homework hanging over them.  They slept late every day and did a lot of nothing.

Except on Saturday we had the conference swim meet.  I can not tell you how excited I was that it didn't start until FOUR!  A 4:00 start meant that Sarah didn't have to be at school until 2:00 which meant that my tired girl could sleep in and relax on Saturday morning.  And if anyone loves to sleep in and then wake up only to sit around and  relax is my girl.

The girls team came in 2nd in the conference and the boys team finished first!  But better than that was that Sarah managed to shave time off both her 100 back and her 100 free.  She was thrilled AND she came in THIRD in both of those events.  Not bad for a freshman.  Her two relays also placed a third and a second.  Here are a few of shots from the day:

Sarah swam butterfly in the medley relay.
The state regionals are in two weeks and she will be swimming her backstroke and will be on a relay! 

On Sunday we watched the Patriots game.  And, unlike the rest of the world, we were very thrilled with the outcome! 

And other than a doctor's appointment on Monday for Sarah we didn't really do a lot.  And now it's Wednesday even though it feels like Tuesday and I am hoping to get my side of the closet cleaned out and organizedbefore it's time to take Sarah to swim practice.  I've got plenty of time but I would rather sit here with another cup of coffee and relax and do nothing and ....hmmmmmmm.....that must be where Sarah gets it!  :)


Madeline said...

I am confused today as well. So glad to hear swim team is going so well!

Billie Jo said...

I was just going to say that Madeline posted a vlog with almost the same title!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awesome on the swimming!!! I hardly know what day it is you're doing great. :)

Kelli said...

Great swimming pictures! I have been off on the days this week as well!

Ernie said...

You aren't kidding about that being great for a freshman. Way to go Sarah! There might be a anowday here Monday which will throw off next week. My Mini enjoys a late morning/early afternoon sleep too. And she gets thst from her mother, for sure!