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Monday, January 14, 2019

It's Monday and I can see the sun!

This is going to be a weird week.  It's exam week and of course the kids schedules don't quite match up and Sarah will still have swim practice so there's going to be lots of me driving back and forth but that's okay because THE SUN IS OUT!!!

We had some ice Saturday night and many of the school systems are on delay today but since it's exam week at our school and the first exam is a little later than the normal start of the day, we are on normal exam schedule.  AND THE SUN IS OUT!  Did I mention that already?

It's cold but I'm happy to see the sun.

This was my backyard tree covered in ice Sunday morning.  You can't see the ice but it was really pretty.

I think Peter may, like me, have a touch of seasonal affective disorder.  He was in super complain mode last night about all the clouds and rain and general gross weather we've been having around here.

In order to combat that (for myself, I'm pretty sure Peter doesn't care if there are fresh flowers around or not), I purchased these last week:

On Friday night, we went to the basketball game at school.  Peter wanted to drive himself but since he can't drive without an adult after 9:00 Dan and I had to go too.  He drove himself and we went out to eat (Chipotle because the place we wanted to go had over an hour wait...ain't nobody got time for that!) and then watched the game.  And Dan drove home with him and I drove home by myself.  Sarah was very excited to just be home alone for a few hours.

On Saturday we had to get the oil changed in Dan's car and it needed to be inspected as well and we ran a few errands and then we came home and we all watched the Kids Baking Championship.  My kids love this show.  We like to see what ridiculous things the kid bakers are going to say and someone always cries. 

Sunday morning was Mass and lunch at my parent's house and then we watched the Patriots game.  They won!  We are looking forward to next Sunday's game but it's going to be tough.  The Chiefs are looking unbeatable and it's at their stadium so the will also have that as an advantage.  

And in other news, Sarah got glasses so she can see the board at school and I got new glasses a few weeks ago:

This selfie isn't the best quality but I think we look cute in our new glasses!  We both went with large frames that scream "hey look, we're wearing glasses!" and honestly, I couldn't be more pleased. 

I hope you guys have a sunny week!


Madeline said...

You both look adorable in your new glasses! I am sorry to say I think it may be the Chief's year to play a Super Bowl but we will see. The Patriots looked good yesterday.

Sounds like a good weekend was had by everyone in your family. We also have been lacking the sun so here's hoping it shows up soon. Hope exam week goes well!

Gigi said... saw the sun today?! Send a little down east, would you please? Love the frames!

Mari said...

It was sunny here today!
Every year your taunt me with tulips. I think they are so cheery, so I better get some too.
You and Sarah both look great!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope the sun stays around for all of you. I LOVE tulips!!
I agree-you both look so cute in your new specs. ;)

Ernie said...

Twining! Very cute. Those frames remind me of the ones I wore in college - I think the Carol Seaver (from Growing Pains) look is coming back in. When I wore my glasses (only when my contacts were failing) in the early 90's, I could not go anywhere without someone tapping me on the shoulder to tell me how much I looked like Carol in Growing Pains. I recently had to wear my glasses because my contacts were bugging me. There is nothing I hate more. I think I should probably get new frames and then maybe it wouldn't bug me so much. (current frames are over 10 years old - not to be confused with my Growing Pains pair). Anyway, I guess I am getting old because I CANNOT STAND winter anymore. Why do we live in Chicago? We are supposed to get 7 inches of snow tomorrow night. They moved my kids high school b--ball games up a few hours. Hope exams went well. And there is nothing I like more than Friday night basketball.