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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I've still got my chauffeur's hat on!

Dan is in Ireland and the kids are on their way to school.  Had this been prior to Peter obtaining his driver's license, I would have had to drive them to the carpool drop off point every morning this week (as well as drive my one day of carpool) but now?  Now, I am currently sitting in front of my computer, in my pjs, and leisurely drinking my second cup of coffee while nervously patiently waiting for my Life360 app to alert me that Peter has arrived safe and sound at school.


Hey! That was my app and it just went off!  They have arrived safe and sound! I can relax now.

I am slowly but surely starting to see that the benefits of having a driver will eventually outweigh all the nervous fretting. I fervently pray for their safety each morning and try not to fret. I've got the fervent praying down but I'm still working on the not fretting part.

This weekend, Peter had to do the sixth and final (all the praise hands!) installment of his religion video project with his group.  He was going to drive himsleft to High Point where they have been working on the project.  There is a back way from our house that is country roads and no highways.  It takes 40 minutes as opposed to the 30 minute highway route.  (I am not at all comfortable with him driving alone on the highway yet.  He has had very little practice with us in the car with him.)

He said he would be fine and he has driven (with me in the car) this route before.  However, right as it was time for him to leave, I think he panicked. Or maybe just decided he didn't feel like driving all that way.  But Dan and I ended up taking him.  Peter assured us that this one would be short and he would hopefully be done in an hour and a half so around 4:30. 

After we dropped him off, we headed to Target and I got a text from Sarah.  She wanted to know if we could drop her off at 6:00 to have dinner with some friends and do some shopping in Winston.  We said yes assuming we would be home from High Point in plenty of time to get her to Winston by 6:00..

But of course, Peter never texted he was done so I finally called him as we were running out of time.  They were still busily working on their video. Long story short, we got Peter, went home, got Sarah, went to Winston, dropped her off a little late, ate dinner out while waiting on Sarah and then finally made it home.

Since I woke up Saturday morning thinking I wouldn't be doing anything but messing around the house, I did all of this while wearing leggings, a sweatshirt, unwashed hair and no makeup!

If you saw me out and about any on Saturday, thank you for not coming up to me to say hi!

Moral of the story -  while Peter is learning his independence and getting more comfortable driving alone, I need to always be dressed and ready just in case he decides he wants to be chauffeured around!

And on a totally unrelated yet highly adorable note, the four of us have a group chat.  It mainly consists of us texting pictures of Wally doing adorable Wally things.  Peter text us all this picture the other day:

Cute, right?  Well don't think it's normally like this.  One of Wally's favorite pastimes is chasing Kitten and cornering her behind this chair or underneath the nearby dresser.  Maybe our little orange terror is maturing?   Nah!  He was probably just tired from all that chasing and needed a rest. :)


Mari said...

Aww - Wally is always cute!
I wish that app had been available when my kids started driving. I had a few days that I actually drove to school to make sure the car was safely in the parking lot. :)

Madeline said...

Oh Wally. After I got my license I promptly stopped driving. I hated it. I got over it after a while. The "not saying hi" part made me laugh, however. Hope this week's driving adventures have been minimal and that Peter's project is well received.

Ernie said...

I absolutely hate it when my kids drive away and then call me less than 10 minutes later. That is how it went down when Lad totaled our car on the way to high school fall of his senior year. No one was hurt. He was running late. Enough said. Anyway, each time they call about something dumb when they have just left the house I panic and answer the phone: ‘WHAT?’ Ed in particular gets annoyed. ‘Would you relax?’ The fact is I can’t. I am a mom!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I was (and still kind of am) a nervous wreck when my kids were driving. I panic when I think of Lolo driving 100mph chasing down someone on the freeway! Sounds like Peter is a good driver though,
I can't believe HOW big your cats are! LOL. They almost need a bigger chair. ;)