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Thursday, January 3, 2019

And they are off!

Today was the day!  Peter drove himself and Sarah to school this morning!

Here they are pulling out of the lower driveway at 7:37....

And no, I did not go running after the truck!  (Although I thought about it!)

I did,however, go inside and start immediately following them on the Life360 app.  But then I realized that it doesn't track them second by second (it updates every few minutes) so I got in the shower and started to get ready for the day.  And in no time I got a notification from the app that they had arrived at Bishop McGuinness.

And did I mention?  Sarah took her 30 hours of in-class driver's ed instruction over Christmas break.  At some point between now and her birthday she will do her in car work and in June, I'll have another driver in the house.  YIKES!!

Pray for us all!  :)


Madeline said...

Oh wow! What a big day. Having just gone through the whole "kindergarten letting go" bit, I empathise with the big feelings you must have! (And I know that I am going to blink and I'll be standing in your exact spot.) I hope that everything went well and you enjoyed your day not driving all over.

Gigi said...

I remember watching mine drive off alone for the first time - it's a mixed bag of emotions, isn't it?

Ernie said...

Oh my! Big day. I find it hard to watch. Even now. 'Look away!' I tell myself.

You not following him reminded me of Lad's first bus ride to kindergarten. He got on and Coach and i looked at each other and nodded. 'I'll get the keys, you buckle the boys!' We followed that bus. Thank goodness bc the driver didn't believe Lad when he tried to get off at the Catholic School. His uniform was back ordered so he looked like a public school kid. Public school was the next stop. I could hear Lad insisting that he was a Peace student. When he got off the bus he was a little ticked that we were standing there. He was like 'I got this!'

Mari said...

I remember that first drive off. I wish the life 360 had been around then!

Michelle said...

Prayers for all of you! I still think that driving is the most difficult parenting stage!!