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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 29

It's Thankful Thursday!!

1. Dan will be home tonight after being gone since Sunday.  Unfortunately his Uncle Jerry died so he will be flying to Boston tomorrow morning for the funeral.  I am thankful that Dan's Uncle is no longer suffering and I'm thankful that Dan will be able to attend the funeral. Please pray for Uncle Jerry's wife, Barbara, and their 5 grown sons and their families.   

2. Flying out over the weekend for his meetings meant Dan got to spend a little fun time in San Antonio.  He visited the Almo and the River Walk. I'm always thankful when he gets to have a little fun because he works so hard for us.  He also got some really good Texas BBQ and that made him happy as well!

3. See this little guy? 

He's been literally hanging around the last couple of days.  The first day, he was hurling himself against the kitchen window trying to get in and would rest up on the feeder and then hurl himself up against the window again.  He repeated that cycle multiple times until I finally opened the back door and for some reason that caused him to fly away in the right direction.  But then he showed up the very next morning just sitting on the feeder.  I'm thankful he didn't hurt himself on the window and I will be happy to see him sitting there again this morning if he decides to hang around again.  Yellow birds make me happy!

4.  And speaking of yellow making me happy - our sunflowers have bloomed!  The rest of our little flower garden did not come up this year.  Not sure why.  So I am extra thankful the sunflowers bloomed.  Although, I will say, they are a lot shorter and thinner than they normally are.  Dan uses seeds from the previous years crops (he's been doing this for 5 or 6 years now) and this is the first year we've had an issue.  Maybe it's the dry weather? 

5.And speaking of dry has been so dry around here this summer that the grass is brow and dry.  The only green parts are near the septic system and/or are weeds.  BUT  - we had a nice little thunderstorm in the middle of the night a few nights ago and a really quick shower during the day this week as well that I was very thankful for.  Rain means I don't have to water the garden!  I am hoping that it doesn't rain for during the two day swim meet tomorrow and Saturday but rain any other time would be good!

6.  Sarah has discovered all these videos on my phone from 2013 of her signing and dancing.  We have really enjoyed watching them and laughing.  She has been cringing through each video but to see her 9 and 10 year old self and to hear her little voice has made me so happy.  And even though I stopped using the video recorder years ago and really wish that I had taken more videos of them when I got a smart phone, I'm thankful for the digital memories I do have of them.

These are just a few of the random things I'm thankful for this week.  What are you thankful for?


Madeline said...

I am sad to hear of Dan's uncle passing. Prayers for peace for the whole family.

Nice that he got some free time to see the sights and eat the food in Texas!

Videos of the kids is something I am so bad at. But you're inspiring me to do better!!

Mari said...

Glad Dan had some fun, but sorry he has to return to a funeral.
It's so fun to watch videos of the kids when they are younger!

Ernie said...

Sorry to hear about Dan's uncle. Even when it is expected, it is hard.

Since you asked . . . I am thankful that the introductory babysitting that I did for the last two days for 3 yr old triplets and their 5 yr old brother went well. I start sitting for them during the school year in the fall and we did a few days to get them accustomed to the swing of things.

I am thankful that I threw an Irish dancing mom's night out (bring your dancer) party last night. Never done this before and have never known anyone else to have done it before, but I thought it would be a blast. The moms at this dance school are really awesome. We had a great turn out and LOTS of fun. I brought out the original dancing dress that I made for Mini ions ago and that was a good laugh!

Speaking of old videos, I made a video of clips of the kids dancing as tots and showed it last night. It was pretty entertaining. I couldn't get it to burn to a DVD (computer issues - I have done this successfully a million times) but a mom I sit for suggested I upload it to the internet and watch it from a laptop. That worked and I am thankful that I didn't spend time on it for nothing!