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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

And now you are all caught up.

I honestly thought I would have so much time to blog this summer.  But glancing back since June and I realize that I've barely averaged two posts a week.

I think between swim practice and errands and random summer doctor's visits and just being, I haven't had a lot of time to write.  Or perhaps I've had time to write but the kids have been hogging the main computer and the laptop is so slow that I can't even with it.  Or perhaps my main subjects don't want me to write about them on the blog so what's to write.  Or perhaps I'm just lazy.

Most likely, though, it's a combination of all of the above.  With that said, here's what's been happening around these parts lately.

The County Championship swim meet was Friday and Saturday.  The 11 and ups swam on Friday and the 10 and unders competed on Saturday.  We finished the Friday portion 15 points ahead of the other teams but we completed the entire meet in second place.  Sarah was so upset!  But the nice thing about swimming is that it's a good mix of a team sport and an individual sport.  So even though our team came in second, my kids swam well and finished the season with improved times in all of their events!  And now Sarah is more excited than ever for the high school swim team.

And speaking of the high school swim team, Sarah got an email from the coach.  He is planning to do a meet and greet before school starts so the new swimmers can meet the upper class men.  She is very excited about this.

I just finally got around to completing all of their paperwork for the new school year.  I put that in the mail with a note that said basically "I hope I got it all.  Please call me if I missed a form!"  I had to put extra postage on that envelope it was so thick! 

And I also ordered Sarah's PE uniforms and school uniforms (Land's End 40% off sale for the win!) and got Peter a few new items as well.  The kids got their schedules last week so I also need to start checking on text books as well.  Once we have our last swim meet it always feels like summer is over even though we still have a month left.  I am trying to stay on top of everything because we leave for the Cape on Thursday evening!  And when we get back, there will only be two weeks of summer left!  YIKES!

The kids still need to do their summer reading and write their papers and Peter's math teacher has assigned a ton of work for them to do this summer which Peter has just now started to do.  I am hoping he can get it all done.They tell me they will be using their time on the drive to and from the Cape wisely by reading but I've got a feeling that's not what's going to happen. 

My Pinterest feed is already starting to fill up with fall things and I am refusing to look at anything pumpkin colored or pumpkin flavored. We are up to our eyeballs in tomatoes around here and Dan keeps wanting me to make and  sauces but y'all - making tomato sauce or even salsa is such a production.  It is so hard to get all the skin off and all the seeds out and then after all that hard work I still end up with iffy tasting sauces.  Maybe, if there is still a large crop when we get back from vacation, I can find an easier way to get rid of the seeds and skins and then just freeze them and use them as crushed tomatoes in fresh sauces.  Canning tomatoes is NOT my forte.  Although, I can can jalapenos with the best of them.  I don't know about the tomatoes though.  I'm at a loss.  Suggestions??

And with that, you are all caught up around here! 


Billie Jo said...

I wish I could help you with the tomatoes, my friend.
As it is...I use them for pasta with tomatoes and tomato sandwiches.
I remember filling out the school forms for the kids!
Half the time I thought they didn't even read them...just filed them away!
Enjoy the rest of summer.
We will be sipping pumpkin flavored everything soon! : )

Madeline said...

Oh my, I am a little jealous of your fresh tomato abundance. But, I am sure you'll come up with something!

Yes, the school forms! I have a bunch too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I"ve never skinned a tomato or done away with the seeds.....I'm no help. So much busyness! Enjoy the precious remains of the kid's summer break.

Gigi said...

Funny, I didn't even know the school had a swim team! But then again, my son had no interest in swim teams.

The memory of buying those books (without breaking the bank) had faded and you brought it right back. I remember being so irritated that some of those books we bought were never even used during the school year.