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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Car work, food, and more food....

It's 7:35 AM and I'm currently sitting in the waiting room of a car repair place.  When I was getting my lock fixed at the Honda dealership a week and a half ago, they strongly recommended that I get the drive belts, water pump and timing belts changed since I had just recently passed the 100K mark on the odometer. The service tech said I could probably go to 115k but after that I would risk a belt breaking and messing up the whosey whats-it and possibly breaking the thing-a-ma-jig.

Since we are heading to the Cape at the end of next week, I couldn't bear the thought of messing up the whosey whats-it and possibly breaking the thing-a-ma-jig while making that long trip.  So I decided to be proactive and actually get some preventative maintenance done.  It's going to take them all day but my parents are on their way to pick me up once they get done doing their workout at the gym.

While I'm sitting here with nothing else to do, I thought I would give a few updates from around this neck of the woods...

Wally likes to check out the hummingbirds:

And they don't seem to care that he is there watching them.  He sat there for about 45 minutes the day I snapped this picture and he was out again this morning in the same position.

Sarah and I made a really yummy lemon pie.  The recipe is from my bestie, Joanna Gaines.  It was easy to make.  It was creamy and rich and delicious.  However, it was not overly lemony or overly tart which I appreciated.  However, my dad enjoys a nice lemony pie so I think he would have appreciated a lemon more pucker in this pie.  We are definitely going to make this again but next time we might up the lemon juice.  Not sure if adding more juice would mess up the consistancy of the pie though.

In an attempt not to gain weight this summer eating a ton of BMT sammiches, I ordered some zero carb bread.  I paid an arm and a leg for this bread so I was hopeful that it would at least taste 70% like real bread.  It is extremely chewy due to the huge amounts of fiber in the bread and although it looks 100% like bread, it tastes only about 10% like bread.  I imagine eating a slice of this bread is very similar to eating a slice of cardboard.  I guess I'm going to use this bread for toast since it was very disappointing on my BMT.  I'm going to to try to  a good girl and eat my BMTs only once a week on real bread as a treat and find other delicious ways to eat my tomatoes.  (Although nothing is more delicious than a BMT with extra mayo and garden fresh tomatoes. There's really no place for lettuce in this sandwich but there's always room extra mayo - hence the name BMT!)

I tried a new low carb recipe last week that was pretty good.  It's called Green Chile Shredded Beef Cabbage bowl.  You basically cook a hunk of beef in green chilis in the crock pot and shred it.  Then you make a spicy coleslaw as the base and top it with an avocado salsa.  I modified the salsa a little and it was so yummy I was eating that salsa with a fork.  I used  diced avocado, lime juice, salt and cilantro.  Delicious!!

I snapped this picture before I added some crema.  Have you guys used crema?  It's a mexican sour cream but it comes in a squeeze container which makes it very convenient.  It added a nice coolness to this spicy dish

And here is a bowl of the salsa.  Isn't it lovely?

If I wasn't trying to limit my carbs, I would definitely be scooping this stuff up on a tortilla chip but since I'm trying to be good, I've just been eating it plain!

And since apparently all I've been doing lately is eating, here is my favorite snack when I'm craving something sweet:

Berries, splenda, and a splash of cream.  Yummy!

This is our last week of swim practice before the two day county meet.  Luckily we only have to go on Friday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no rain so we can get the meet in on Friday night without having to go back on Saturday after the little kids finish.

And now you are officially up to date on what's been happening around here!


Gigi said...

Good for you for being proactive on the car!

I love me a BLT or even just a BMT. Here's an idea for your fresh tomatoes that I think might be fairly healthy and is SO yummy, a Caprese Salad (we just call it tomato salad in the house). I had to Google it because I don't have any idea how The Husband makes it but this one ( looks pretty close - why this woman chose to put it on bread, I don't know.

Mari said...

I hate car repairs! You're smart to do it before it breaks at a terrible time.
The pie looks good, and so do those berries. I'm eating watermelon right now. :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

That pie looks delicious - and so does the avocado salsa!

Billie Jo said...

It looks great to me, Beth.
The sandwich...minus the cardboard bread...I mean.
I am all about watching what I am know...Mother of the Bride and all.
But then I'm not.
Because if I am stressing out, I figure a good piece of chocolate cake is good for the soul, right???

Madeline said...

All the food! Yum! Bummer the bread was a let down.

I am glad you fixed the what-sa-ma-jigs before your trip. No worrying about them now!