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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

That flew by didn't it?

Yikes!  That long weekend really flew by didn't it?  And now here we are with the end of the school year so close we can almost touch it.

Peter had no school on Thursday but Sarah did.  After school she had a doctor's appointment and we had a little time to kill so.....

Yes we did both order delicious Starbucks drinks!

Peter had Friday off and Sarah only had a half day.  So after we picked her up from school we headed to Swim Gear to order their swim team bathing suits and we had lunch at Zoe's.

And then the long weekend began.  We didn't really have anything planned.  And the weather was really yucky - lots of clouds, lots of rain, humid...

Peter and Dan got the yard work done Friday before the rain and then on Saturday we spent a lot of time at Lowe's trying to figure out what we needed to paint our shutters.  They are getting so faded that we can wait no longer.  We (Dan with my help - if you call standing around holding things help) took two of them down, cleaned them and then painted them and hung them back up.  That took quite a bit of time.  And these two shutters are behind a tree so you can't even see them.  But Dan wants to do the hardest ones first and save the easiest ones (the ones you can actually tell are faded) to last.  So hopefully by the end of summer my shutters will be solid black once again. ;)

I made this delicious brownie batter no-bake cheesecake for Sunday dessert:

On Monday we went to Greensboro to check out a guitar store that Peter wanted to visit.  He is saving his money for a new electric guitar.  Then we went to a used book/cd/video game store and afterwards had some BBQ for lunch.  Then we came home and did nothing for the rest of the day.

It was a very relaxing and peaceful weekend which was very nice. And now suddenly it is already Tuesday.  We have the sports assembly at Sarah's school this week, Peter has a guitar concert to attend for credit for his class, swim practice starts (assuming we can get the thunderstorms to stop) tonight, Sarah has her 8th grade dance on Friday and life just keeps on chugging along.


RR Mama said...

That chocolate cake looks amazing!

Madeline said...

It's crazy it's already Tuesday right?! May has been so busy and I just can't believe it! Glad your weekend was so relaxing!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

May has flown by in a hot second! The cheesecake looks so lovely....I may have to try it myself.
Happy Tuesday. :)

Gigi said...

That dessert looks SO yummy! Yes, this weekend DID fly by and I'm missing the sun; maybe next weekend.

Mari said...

Yum! That cheesecake looks so good! And it's so unusual with the brownie mix in it.

Billie Jo said...

Your weekend sounds lovely.
And I love that you and your girl had a date at Starbucks.
It isn't all bad, these kids growing up. : )
That cheesecake???
Enjoy the short week, my friend.