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Monday, May 21, 2018

Another full weekend.

It was another full weekend in our neck of the woods.

On Friday evening I dropped Sarah off with her Girl Scout troop for a weekend at Camp Keyauwee and then Dan, Peter and I headed to Bishop to see some of the Fine Arts Night performances.  Peter's class performed for the first time and they did a great job with all three songs!

Below are some pictures of all the cool things she got to do this weekend with her Girl Scout troop:


 Hanging out with her friends!
 Cooking and cleaning!

 Puddles!  Because it rained of course!
And while she was off having a grand old time, we were back home doing yard work, laundry, and unclogging drains.

My bathroom sink has been draining really slowly for quite a while.  Occasionally I would put some Drain-O down it and it would help a little but not much.  Dan decided Saturday was the day to unclog the drain.

And let me tell you, I almost threw up when he came downstairs triumphantly holding this thin:

Y'all that is a giant HAIR and SLUDGE mass.  It looks like a dead animal but let me assure you it is not.  And I guess now I know why my hair looks so thin these days.  Apparently all of my hair has migrated from my head to the drain. 

And I *think* that maybe when I put the Drain-o down the drain that it sort of partially dissolved the hair but not fully so the mass of sludge might be half dissolved hair??  Who knows!  But isn't it disgusting?

Dan was quite proud of himself for getting that thing out in one piece!

While Dan was wrestling with the giant hair/sludge ball, I was in the kitchen happily making a cinnamon pie.  It was really good! 

How was your weekend?


Ernie said...

I am afraid that photo of your drain drudge might fall under TMI . . . but I am super glad you followed it up with a delicious picture of pie. I had almost lost my appetite! Sarah's camp looks like a lot of fun. Lucky her! My kids never did scouts of any kind. I feel a tad guilty, but when they were tiny I couldn't figure out how to get them to meetings. I would sooner jump off of a cliff than to have sacrificed a guaranteed bus ride home after school as opposed to waking nappers and loading everyone in the car to go pick up from an after school meeting.

Mari said...

We've had to pull hair crud from our drains too; when the girls were still home there were 3 females in the house, 2 with long hair, so it happened. It's disgusting! I think the results of your work look much better! I've never heard of cinnamon pie, but yum!