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Friday, May 18, 2018

7 Quick Takes: Random Miscellany Edition

More miscellany from my life...

1. Dan and I never exchange gifts but I always request that he get me a card for Mother's Day, Birthday, Anniversary.  And I have high card expectations.  It should be Hallmark.  He knows this and is always good about going to the Hallmark store near where he works although I've told him before that the Walgreens near our house carries Hallmark.  He was busy at work last week and never made it to the Hallmark store so he swung by CVS and on course they only sell American Greetings cards there.  So this is what he did:

I think he did a great job!  :) And the sentiment in the card was perfect and I always love the things he writes inside.  <3 p="">
2. Tonight is Fine Arts Night at Peter's school.  There will be food trucks, chorus performances, displays by all the art classes, a puppet show (apparently some of the art classes have been making puppets and the drama club wrote a show which they will perform), and guitar performances.  Peter's Guitar 1 class will perform three pieces and he's excited about it.  He said they sound really good.  I am looking forward to seeing and hearing them perform. 

3.  It has been raining off and on here for most of this week with plans for rain all weekend.  I think a lot of the Fine Arts Night performances were going to be in the courtyard and now I'm not sure where they will be moved to.  And Sarah is going on a camping trip with her Girl Scout troop and she's a little bummed out about the weather forecast because they were supposed to go paddle-boarding which might not happen now thanks to the rain. 

4. Clover.  Y'all I'm not sure what is going on around here but everyone's yard is covered in clover.  I guess the cool wet spring we had was perfect for the clover because it is prolific.  Dan treats for clover every year and is really annoyed by all the clover.  I questioned whether he treated for the clover or put down seeds!  :) What annoys me most is that about 12 hours after you mow the grass, there it is again.  The only redeeming feature the clover has is that it smells really good.  You know you have a lot of clover when you walk out your door and can actually smell it! 

This is just one of the many, many clover patches in our yard:

5. I know by now everyone has heard of the Yanny/Laurel soundbite.  I hear Laurel and the rest of the family hears Yanny.  But please don't mention this to Peter.  He said the whole thing was stupid and was not news.  I mentioned that it was a human interest story but he said that MSN had it at the top of their news page and insisted it wasn't news and everyone was getting excited over nothing.  Peter takes the news very seriously and has no time for frivolity.

6.  After the Yanny/Laurel discussion at the dinner table last night, I jokingly asked the family if anyone was going to get up in the wee hours to watch the royal wedding.  Sarah replied with, "That's the stupidest thing ever!  Why would I waste sleep by getting up early to watch that? Who cares?"  To which Dan and I both had to remind her that SEVEN years ago when she was but a mere almost seven year old she loved Princess Kate, talked in depth about her dress and was slightly obsessed with her. I reminded her that she was still in her pink phase at this time as well.  She denied it and has zero memory of  anything Kate related. 

7. I just searched on my blog to see if I ever posted anything about Sarah liking Kate but the only thing I could find was me mentioning how I hated Kate's dress.  I thought it was too matronly.  But then, while I was in the April 2011 section of my blog, I started reading old blog posts and it made me a little sad but I also realized how much I appreciate this old blog.  I found some things I had long forgotten about and I am so glad that they are here, in this space so that one day when they care, the kids can look back through and see glimpses of our life.

Hey!  It looks like I did 7 Quick Takes without even trying!  Happy Friday, y'all!


Pam said...

I have recently discovered getting greeting cards at The Dollar Tree. They are cute and they are only 50 cents. I don't know how I feel about receiving on of them, but I really like giving them because sometimes I don't want to spend an arm and a leg just to sent a thank you note or wish a distant relative a happy birthday. lol

Gigi said...

I LOVE what he did to the back of that card! Too funny.

I'm convinced that we don't have ANY grass in our yard it's all clover and weeds. Have a good weekend in spite of the rain.

Mari said...

Dan is brilliant - I love that!
I hear Laurel, Bob hears yanny...

Ernie said...

That yanny/laurel thing is so peculiar to me. I was out of the loop when it came on the news one night. I didn't know what the kids were talking about. I hear Yanny. Not sure how you can hear anything else?

Ah grass. Tank is trying to build his lawn-mowing business. He got a customer who doesn't have a mower so he convinced me to help him load the mower in the van and drive over to the guy's house. He is just outside of our neighborhood. Coach told me not to let him start this stuff. Not sure how I got roped in.