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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Back order!

I had scheduled the dishwasher repair guy for Monday.  When the kind people at GE asked me if I would prefer an appointment from 8-12 or 1-5, I responded with 1-5.

I always get my groceries on Monday morning and I knew that we would be out of everything since we would have just returned from vacation.

Shelly, my helpful GE customer service rep responded with a "Great!  I'll get that scheduled for you!"

Her next email said that she had indeed scheduled it for Monday from 8- 5 but that she had told them I wanted them to arrive after 1.  This annoyed me a lot but I was getting my dishwasher fixed for free so I went with it.

I woke Peter up before I went to the grocery store and told him to answer the door if someone came to fix the dishwasher. I then quickly did my shopping at Aldi and Walmart and was back home just in time to get a call from GE at 10:00 (clearly not after 1:00 but I was just glad I was home) saying the repair guy was finishing up at his current repair and would be at my house next.

When he arrived I showed him to the dishwasher and said, "Before you start, this is supposed to be free." 

And just as I expected, he said,"It says here you are supposed to get 25% off parts." (That was the original offer from GE before I pushed back.)

And then because I knew this was going to happen, I presented him with the email from Shelly stating that it would all be free - parts, labor, trip charge.

I asked him if he needed to call someone before he got started and he said no that he would sort it out later and then I insisted that he keep the email.  I didn't want the repair guy to get in trouble because Shelly didn't code something correctly in the system.

About 15 minutes later, he called me in and said it was the  pump.  I already knew it was the pump and not because I'm an experienced dishwasher repair person but because I am an experienced Googler.

My Googling had informed me that if it wasn't a clog (which Dan had already confirmed it wasn't) then it was most likely the pump.

Then the nice repair man informed me that the pump I needed was on back order.

Of course it was.  It seems like anything related to my new kitchen is breaking and then is on back order. Remember the faucet?

He said it would be two weeks so he set me up for another appointment two Mondays from yesterday.  He also said the part will be shipped directly here and if it happens to come early to call the GE customer service line and they can reschedule the appointment.

It would be lovely if it came early but I know it won't.  In fact, I'm anticipating that it won't even be by the day the repair guy is scheduled to come back.

So we will be hand washing all the dishes for two more weeks at least.  Dan is less than thrilled with this latest development and  I just keep thinking this is my punishment for requesting that they fix it free of charge.

I also keep thinking about my super cheap (was it a Whirlpool?) dishwasher that we got when we first built this house and the fact that at 10 years old it had never been repaired and  was still going strong when we did the remodel and sent it to Habitat for Humanity.

Moral of the story:  Expensive isn't always better.  And also, if you want a repair done for free, you may have to wait several weeks.

 Hopefully Dan will be okay with my dishpan hands! 


Madeline said...

Such a bummer this process has been such a pain but I am glad you were prepared with a printed copy of an email. I would have been livid to pay for someone to tell me what I already knew and then tell me it was going to be a few more weeks. Fingers crossed the pump comes in soon!

Pam said...

Ugh..that's horrible. Glad you had the email and the guy was pretty nice about it though. I hate confrontations with repair men in my home. Awk-ward! I have a Bosch and I am holding my breathe for when the thing breaks someday. I know it's going to be an ordeal. But I love how quiet it is. So there's that. lol

Ernie said...

Don't get me started on dishwashers. Our clunky old one worked but my folks replaced it for Xmas one year. That one broke down early on and then again (the pricey board went) just after the warranty expired. I raised hall. They fixed it for free. Continued to break down every few months. Drove my mom nuts bc they had bought a top of the line model. Bought a Bosch. After SEVERAL ONGOING issues it was deemed a lemon. Replaced with same model bosch and its been great. Like I said, dont get me started!!!

Gigi said...

That is ridiculous - hopefully it will be resolved soon!

Mari said...

Grrr! That is so frustrating. My Dad still has the same dishwasher he's had for about 15 years and it's running fine. They don't make them the same anymore!