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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Track and other miscellany

Things are really ramping up around here.  Sarah's conference track meet is in two weeks and our school is hosting it which means a lot of work for us to get everything ready.  The nice thing this year is that we are hiring a timing company to track times and placements.  This is such a step up from the usual dads with stop watches acting as official timers.  In theory dads with stopwatches is not a bad thing, however, in practice, there is a lot left to chance.  It will be so nice to have a third party in charge of which school places where in each event.

With that said, I've been ordering flags, hip numbers, barricade tape, lanyards, etc like a boss.  And after reviewing all the shipping status emails, it looks like everything will be here by tomorrow!  It's nice to get things checked off the list because as soon as one thing gets checked off, another item gets added.

Peter is still plugging along with track at his school.  He's trying to improve his 200 time so that he can make it to states.  I'm not sure if he's going to be able to do it, but I sure hope so. Every evening when I pick him up from track practice he falls asleep on the 30 minute ride home and usually ends up either sleeping longer in the car in the garage or going upstairs and taking a longer nap in his bed. 

Sarah's got two more weeks of swim practice  and track practice and then she will be able to relax and enjoy May.  And I say that laughingly because May will be a very busy month - confirmation, 8th grade school retreat, buddy luncheon, may crowning, awards ceremonies, graduation, school picnic, conference wide kickball tournament, and graduation dance just to name a few of the things on our May calendar.  Not to mention - the fact that her teacher will not slack up just because it's the last month of school.  Whew!  I think she's going to be napping in the car, too!

After reading all of that, I think I need a nap too!

I will leave you with a picture I took of Wally yesterday.  This cat is into everything.  If it's on the counter, it's fair game.  I'm not used to having a cat that gets on the counters.  Our other two rarely did.  I am constantly cleaning the counters with antibacterial spray!

Head in the grocery bag trying to figure out if he can get through any packaging to eat something!


Billie Jo said...

I remember when my kids went to "real" school, May was always soooo crazy!!!!
And there were no sports around here.
It has been snowing like crazy!!!!!

Madeline said...

Glad you got everything you needed ordered! The final push of school year is always busy but yours definitely sounds packed!