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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuesday! Where in the world did Monday go?

It's already Tuesday morning and I never had a chance yesterday to sit down and give you the weekend in review.

Yesterday Day left for a trip and then between groceries, lunch with my parents, 3 loads of laundry, an early pick up from school, a late pick up from school, a drop off at a Girl Scout meeting, attending a Boy Scout parent meeting, and reviewing something for the weekend track meeting, I did not have a chance to write about our weekend.

But really, it was one of the more boring ones.  Dan and Peter mowed the lawn on Saturday while Sarah did homework and I baked a cake.  Then Dan got his hair cut and we dropped Peter off at the movie theater to see a movie with some friends.  Then we came home and had dinner with Sarah and later picked up Peter.

Then went to Mass on Sunday, had lunch at my parent's house, took Sarah to track practice, came home and packed Dan's bag and bada bing bada boom - the weekend was over.

See.  There was no reason for me to even bother with that update because it was pretty ordinary.

And now we are back to the grind of the week by wrapping up track and swim for Sarah.  Peter has his last regular season track meet this week with conference championships next week.  And then hopefully we will be done with all sports practices for a month. Trying to get everyone too and from has definitely been a joint effort between me, Dan, my parents, and my bestie Jennifer.

And I forgot to mention this little tidbit.  Remember how my faucet started leaking like a sieve and Kohler was going to send me a replacement hose?  But that one was on back order so they ordered one that wasn't quite the same but that would at least fix the leak?  And then neither one of them ever came so they finally just shipped me an entirely new faucet?

Well, guess what finally arrived last week?  That's right!  The hose!  And guess how they shipped it?

UPS? Nope.

FedEx? Nope.

USPS? Nope.

Holland Freight!!  Ding ding ding!

So a large 18 wheeler pulled up in front of my house, parked in the road because there was no way he was getting in my driveway, and the truck driver delivered the shoe box sized package to me.  Why on earth did they ship it that way?  Who knows but I'm excited that we have a spare hose for when the new one starts to leak.

And you want to know what else is ridiculous?  When they emailed me that the hose had shipped, the other hose was also still showing as open with a future ship date of 4/16. I am not sure if that hose will ever show up but you can bet that if it ever does, I will be storing it in the basement with the other one!


Madeline said...

That is certainly the most interesting delivery I have heard of. And I hope you do get a second hose to keep in the basement!!

Boring weekends are good weekends in my book. Hope your big sports week concluded nicely!

Billie Jo said...

A huge truck? That is hysterical!!!!!
And I agree with Madeline.
Boring weekends are the best. : )

Mari said...

That is hilarious! It's been quite the adventure from beginning to end.