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Friday, March 3, 2017

When it rains, it pours!

Well, the painters are here and Dan is complaining about the cost of this and how he should have done it himself.

And all this is exacerbated by my tires.

Let me explain.  Right after I got-our new-to us Pilot a couple of years ago, Sarah and I went to the mall.  And, in retrospect, what the heck was I doing at the mall??  I hate the mall.  I must have been getting a dress for Sarah for the Father/Daughter Dance because that is one of the few reasons I would go to the mall.

Anyway, we came out of the mall and someone left a note on my car saying they noticed a nail in my tired.  Sure enough!  There was a nail embedded in my tire.  But, it was acting as a plug and no air was leaking out.  So we kept using the tire.  Occasionally the light in my car would come on stating that the tire was loosing pressure so Dan would fill up the tire.

And about six months or so later I got another nail in a different tire.   It's not like I'm driving around in construction zones so I'm not sure where I'm picking up all these nails. 

So, now we had two tires that we had to nurse.  And it was no big deal for Dan.   The low pressure light would come on, Dan would fill up on tire of the other  with air, and all was well in the world.  The leaks were very slow and there was on danger of the tire going flat.

Yesterday the light came on again.  So after dinner, Dan helped Peter with his math homework and then went out to put air in the tire.  I recently had the tires rotated so I'm not sure if this was one of the normal tires that lose pressure or not.  Regardless, this thing was losing air fast.  It wasn't like our other leaks.

Dan spent an hour trying to plug the thing to no avail.  So, at 10:30 last night, he gave up trying to put the plug in the tire and deemed a new tire necessary.  He sent me to bed  while  he put the ugliest spare tire in the history of the universe on my car. 

And he eventually made it to bed around 11:30.  Poor thing!  He said the way he had to get the spare out of the car was ridiculous and took him forever.

He mentioned the one new tire and I told him I was going to get 4 new tires.  That did NOT go over well with him. The timing of the  painters arriving coinciding with me suggesting a new set of tires was not good.

I called the tire place, they are going to order me 4 tires and check the treads on the other 3.  If they still have some life in them, they will send 3 tires back.  Although I'm sure they will say you need 4 new tires because they are a tire place! However, they are very reputable so I'm hoping they will be honest. 

And because everyone loves a blog post with pictures, here's the silly looking tire.  Not only is it goofy looking, but it is also covered in dust. I should probably hose it off before I pick up the kids from school today, but we all know I won't.  I'm too lazy for that!

Enjoy your weekend!  May it be free of ladders, painters, and spare tires!


Billie Jo said...

I feel your pain.
That stuff always happens all at once, right?
Wishing you peaceful weekend!

Madeline said...

I have been there driving with the nail in my tire for a long time! We too have an honest tire place, which is such a blessing. Your spare cracks me up. I am sure the grumbling and toll on the bank account aren't fun, but safety is so important. Bad tires aren't safe and neither is falling off of ladders! Have an awesome weekend!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Since none of the tires are near new, you need at least two. They won't pair a brand-new tire with an old one (not sure why, but there's a complicated, auto-mechanic reason for it).

Mari said...

Why does everything happen at once? New tires will be nice though, no more leaks, plus your car will drive smoother.