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Monday, March 6, 2017

Look Ma! No holes!

On Friday, the painters arrived as expected.  Well, actually they were a little early, but that was fine by me.  They got to work in the stairs and the hallway and I did somethings in the office - paid bills, make a flier for a PTO fundraiser, got up to date on my celebrity gossip - you know, the usual.

The kids had a half day so I picked them up and we headed to Fresh Melt for lunch.  It's a new place in town that serves grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.  It was really good and the perfect place to go on a meatless Friday in Lent.  Although they do have several sandwiches with meat on them and I would definitely be willing to try those on a non Friday in Lent!  I got the Skinny Melt and it was loaded with cheese, veggies and guacamole.  Who needs meat when you've got guac?

After that we headed back home and the painters were already done.  And it looked great!

Look Mo!  No holes!  It looks tan in this picture but it's grey and currently matches the hallway and the whole downstairs.  And the best part of it all?  It's flat finish!  We previously chose a semi gloss to help in the clean up of dirty finger prints but what do you know?  Teenagers are less apt than toddlers to leave dirty hand prints down the hallway so no more shiny walls! 

I took my goofy looking spare tire to the tire shop and hoped for the best.  If you will recall, Friday morning when I called about a replacement tire for the flat, the guy I talked to ordered me four tires, we were going to check out the condition of the tires and determine if I could get by with one or if I needed a new set.

When I got there, the guy I spoke to had gone home early because of a family emergency and the owner helped me.  I told him the situation and we went out to look at my tires.  Also, if you will recall (because you guys remember everything I've ever typed here, right?) we got our car at CarMax over two years ago.  The tires that are on the car now are the tires that came with the car.

The owner of the tire place looked at my two back tires and then went around to the front to look at the good front tire.  He wondered why I had two different types of tires on my car.  We then checked the deflated tire in the trunk and it was the same as the other tire on the front.  Apparently the two on the front are in excellent shape and are very good tires.  I am assuming CarMax put those on when they got the car prior to selling it. Or who knows, maybe it came to them that way. The two in the back are cheaper tires and showing more wear (although they are still good condition).  The front two are in excellent shape.

The owner of the shop recommended patching the flat tire.  And I slapped my head and was like, "Why didn't we think of that??" I guess it was because Dan wasn't able to plug the tire and we didn't even thing about having the tire shop do a patch.

Luckily he was able to patch the tire (sometimes they can't) and I was out the door in 15 minutes at a cost of only $15!!  I'll let you guess who was happy about that!

I will also let you guess who is still lamenting the fact that we had to pay painters to patch a hole and paint.  And I will let you guess who is ecstatic that she did not have to spend this weekend painting.

But it's not like we were just sitting around all weekend.  We got to work on a few annoying projects that we have on our winter to-do list.

I had been repainting a cheap old pine bedroom set and finally got done with that.  (And please don't ask me how the taxes are going.  I can only do so much.)  We moved that into the guest bedroom this weekend.

Dan hung curtains in the office and repaired the blinds in Sarah's room.  One of them stopped opening and closing but my handy man fixed them!  Dan also planted grass seed where the county had come through this winter and dug up our yard to lay a gas line.  Supposed they put down grass seed but nothing was coming up.

We also replaced a window on the front of the house.  I guess it was a defective window because condensation kept building up between the double panes and cause a gross film to cover the window.  We actually realized we had a spare window in the basement and used that and it looks so much better.  Don't get me wrong - the windows are all dirty and could use a good scrub inside and out but this film was making the whole window look brown.  Gross.

Next weekend, I think we are going to get started on painting the bonus room and/or the kid's bathroom.   These are the only two rooms in the house that have never been painted and are still in the builder grade paint.  And  they are so filthy.  You wanna talk about dirty toddler fingerprints everywhere!  

Enough of my rambling.  It's time to get this week started.  The groceries aren't going to buy themselves and the laundry isn't going to wash itself.

Have a great week everyone!


Madeline said...

The stairwell looks great!! So glad they were able to patch your tire! I would love that sandwich place I think. It sounds delicious.

Mari said...

The wall looks great. I think the money was worth it - it's done well and no one was hurt. :) Plus you saved money on the tires!
I would love Fresh Melt!

RR Mama said...

Oh my goodness, you've had a crazy few days! Glad everything is getting better. And the wall looks great!