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Monday, March 27, 2017

Pics from the D.C. trip.

Peter arrived back to the school at 10:15 PM on Friday.  I was very happy to see my boy!

He sent me a lot of text updates and pictures during his trip which was nice.  It was almost like I was there without being, you know, there.

And one thing I discovered when he sent me these pictures is that Peter has a really good eye for photography.  When I take a picture of a building or a statue, it's a direct shot.  I'm very straight on, let's get it all in the frame and have a nice boring picture to remember our trip.

Peter on the other hand took shots of things from different angles and his pictures were so much better than the many I have taken in D.C.  I think he gets this from Dan because whenever Dan gets the camera, he too is always looking for interesting angles.

I always had Peter pegged for a lawyer, but maybe there's a Renaissance side to my boy too!

Peter lit a candle for his Uncle Bob at the Basilica

And one shot of the whole group...

And now, two more months of school until I have a high school student?!?!


Billie Jo said...

Thanks so much for sharing!
He does indeed have an eye for photographing things!
My favorite?
He lit a candle. : )
Good work, Mom.

Pam said...

Loved seeing the pics. Those really are great shots! And I think you and I took our photography lessons at the same place. LOL I am learning more of late and getting some better stuff. But I am big on symmetry and lining everything up just so..and I end up with nice boring pics. :)

Mari said...

What an amazing trip! Yes, Peter got some awesome shots!

Madeline said...

Wow he really has an eye for photography. I am so glad he had a great trip!