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Monday, November 28, 2016

Parade pictures!

So Thanksgiving has come and gone and now I'm left wondering how it's time to start getting ready for Christmas already!

We had a great Thanksgiving day even though Dan spent quite a bit of time on the phone for work. Mom and Dad put out quite the spread as usual.  Dad smoke a Boston butt and a turkey breast and grilled a bunch of chicken wings and mom had all the fixins and all the desserts!  So good!!

Typically we head to the N.C. mountains to cut our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  But Dan literally spent from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm working.  Even though he was home, he was constantly on the phone, working on his laptop, and texting.  He even had a conference call that lasted over an hour.  Not a fun way to spend vacation.

Saturday Sarah's Girl Scout troop had a float in the Midway Christmas Parade.  The girls all dressed up like girls from The Grinch Stole Christmas. Their leaders dressed up as the Grinch and the Grinch's dog.  It was a really cute idea! Unfortunately Dan missed the parade because - you guessed it -  he was working!

And then on Sunday we woke up, he got a phone call and had to pack a bag and head back to Seattle. And he will be there for two weeks.  Boo!

The kids and I, with the help of my brother, put the wreaths on the house and got the lights up so that it at least looks a little festive around here.  I am hoping that next weekend, with the help of my brother, we can get a tree and get that put up. 

While I am extremely thankful that my husband has a job, he's been very stressed out with his workload lately so if you could be so kind as to say a prayer for him, I would appreciate it!

Here are a few pictures of the girls before the parade.


Madeline said...

I am so impressed by all the girl's Who-hair! Bummer that Dan had to work so much and then go to Seattle again!

Anonymous said...

I love the hair!

Kelli said...

Love her hair!!
I will keep your family in my prayers as your husband is away. I understand how hard it is to have a husband away often for work.