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Monday, November 7, 2016

And that was our weekend....

Peter's team won their first game on Friday!  And that was good news because it meant we only had to play one game on Friday and it also meant that Dan would be home to see the next game on Saturday.

He got home from his red eye flight just in time to head to the game.  Sarah had a camping trip with her girl scout troop so she missed the basketball games the rest of the weekend but she said she had a great time.

The boys won their Saturday morning game which meant they stayed in the winners bracket and didn't have to play again until Sunday morning.  So we had the rest of the afternoon free.  Since we were expecting to be playing in the losers bracket on Saturday afternoon we had no plans. Which meant we came home and did nothing.  I enjoy doing nothing but Dan does not.  He kept saying we should go on a hike. And it was a beautiful day for a hike but Peter didn't want to and before we knew it, it was almost almost 5:00 which was too late to go for a hike.

The basketball game on Sunday was at 9:00 AM and Peter had to be at the gym at 8:15. We dropped him off and headed to McDonald's for breakfast.  Well, Dan had breakfast, I  had a mocha. I don't like breakfast food but  I do love  a good mocha.

My parents watched the game with us and the boys lost.  And it was ugly.  The team we lost to is from a very large school in Charlotte and their coach is very, um, let's say intense for lack of a better word.  After we lost, we left Peter at the gym and we picked up Sarah from her camping trip.

She smelled like the campfire and wasn't interested in going to watch the next game so we let her stay home and then we headed back to see Peter's team put up a good fight but lose again.  So, they managed to get third place so it wasn't a total bust.  It was a good way to kick off the basketball season.  I think Peter's team has a lot of potential this season!

After the second Sunday game, I came home and took a nap (it was only twenty minutes but it was still a nap!) and Dan watched some football.  Then we all headed to Mass and were all very sad to see that when we came out of church at 6:00 PM it was pitch black.  I enjoy the light in the mornings after we turn the clocks back but I have a hard time adjusting to the dark.

And now it's Monday.  The kids are at school and Dan is at work.  He may or may not have to go back to Seattle today so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't.  I need to head to the grocery store and catch up on laundry and now you are all caught up too. 

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Madeline said...

Third place is not shabby! Sounds like a good weekend all around. (I mean naps and lollygagging sounds pretty great.)