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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My birthday boy!

We celebrated Peter's birthday on Sunday with a steak dinner at my parent's house. And there was cake and presents too!

We always measure the kids on their birthdays.  Peter grew almost three inches this year which puts him at 5'10" - officially an inch taller than his short daddy!  And about 5 inches taller than his even shorter momma!

On his 13th birthday he had grown a whopping 5 inches so thankfully for the clothing budget he has slowed down a bit.  

I broke down and got Peter a phone for his birthday.  I was trying to wait until the start of 9th grade but there are many situations in which  I find myself thinking, "I wish Peter had a phone." 

And now that his birthday is over, I have absolute no idea what to get him for Christmas.  None!  So if anyone has any thoughts on what to get a 14 year old who enjoys Iron Maiden music, computer games, and solitude, please let me know. 

Here are a few pictures of my birthday boy!  Although, in this picture he looks more my birthday man-child.


Madeline said...

He looks so grown up!! Are there any concerts coming to your area? I loved getting concert tickets at that age. (And check to see if your stadium has a parents room. My dad would drive me and my friends to concerts and read a book in the parents room. We felt grown up!) Or movie theater gift cards. Experiences are always great. Or does he need fun or interesting camping gear?

Colleen said...

We're getting our almost 14 year old a gym membership and maybe a razor (those mustaches though!)

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday to your son. My son turned 14 last month. Love the picture of him with the phone in his hand..:)