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Friday, November 4, 2016

7QT! Pictures and even a video!

Let's do some quick takes, shall we? 

1.  Y'all!! We've had such a warm fall here that my dahlias are blooming again!  They bloomed all summer and then died and we cut them down and now look! I'm hoping that it stays warm long enough for them to open and that I can cut  a few to bring inside.

2. Every weekend, Sarah makes a dessert for Sunday lunch at my parent's house.  Last weekend she made this:

That's homemade caramel in between a cookie crust and a dark chocolate ganache.  So much yum.  It is a really decadent dessert and was super easy.  If you are interested in whipping one up, the recipe can be found here.

3. This weekend will be full of basketball (hopefully)! Our school hosts a basketball tournament at the beginning of every basketball season.  It's the athletic booster club's biggest fundraiser of the year.  Peter's team plays this afternoon.  If they win tonight, we move into the Saturday games BUT if they lose tonight then we have to play another game tonight.  It's double elimination so if they lose the second game, it's over for them.  If they win the first and lose the second then they still get to play on Saturday.  Dan won't be back from Seattle until tomorrow morning (poor thing is taking the red eye), so I hope they can win one game today so he can watch tomorrow.

4. So I've just discoverd why so many grown women take selfies in their car.  (Which for some reason strikes be as ridiculous.) 

But y'all!  Look!  The large sunglasses cover my eye wrinkles and the sun coming through the car windows makes for a natural blemish removing filter.  And if you keep your lips closed (although no duck mouth for me, thank you very much, I do have some pride!) your crooked teeth don't show.
(However, you could risk looking like you are smirking but that's a small price to pay for a picture where your skin looks like it did 15 years ago!)

5.  Peter's expander is working wonders already.  You know how we know?  He is developing a gap between his two front teeth.  He keeps looking at himself in the mirror in awe of the gap.  When I mentioned that was great progress for a week and a half he looked shocked.  "I've only had these braces on for a week and a half??  It feels like I've had them on forever."  Not sure if that's a good sign or not but he has definitely gotten used to them.  Although when he eats,  he looks like a dog eating peanut butter.

6.What?  Your cats don't hang out in the bathtub??

7.And just for fun.. A typical day in the car.  Sarah smiling and Peter frowning.  I love how God gave me kids with two totally different temperaments!  I guess it makes parenting more interesting!!

Have a great weekend every one!  And head over to Kelly's place for more 7QT.


Madeline said...

So glad Peter has adjusted to his orthodontics! I hope your busy basketball weekend turns out in your favor. You look great in your car selfie!

Billie Jo said...

You are stunning!!!!!
And that dessert!
I think your little lady is a mix of my Madison and Peyton!
She's Madison with the fashion and hair interest.
But she's Peyton with the yummy baking!
Talk about having it all!! : )
Always love my visits here.
Have a great weekend!