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Friday, June 24, 2016

Busy but oh so good.

Wednesday was a busy day.  Sarah and I were going to lunch with my mom at the Flour Box Tea Room and Cafe. Sarah was very excited about this special lunch so we decided she could swim practice in favor of fixing her hair and getting dressed up. 

The Flour Box is new and it's located in historic Old Salem. They had part of one of the streets closed off which made parking an adventure but we managed to find a spot and we made it to the Flour Box.

I'm so glad we went.  It was delicious!  Here are a few pictures of our girl's out lunch!

My beautiful mom and my beautiful daughter

My girl and me!

Sarah got the flat bread with pesto, tomatoes, red peppers and onions!

I got the croissant filled with melted brie, sliced green apples and fig preserves with a cucumber and tomato salad.
My mom got the turkey club with a side of potato salad.
It was all so delicious.  We literally ate every bite of food on our plates and decided we would go back again.  In fact, I'm thinking of taking Sarah and two of her friends from school for a proper tea to celebrate her birthday.

After lunch, Sarah and I headed back home for our next adventure.  We were going to visit Peter at Boy Scout camp.  Wednesday was Family Night and his troop does a big pot luck dinner and then the families stay and watch the camp fire and the Order of the Arrow tapping out ceremony. 

I've never gone because Dan always heads up on Wednesday evenings after work and stays until camp is over on Saturday.  However, on Monday evening, Peter called me and asked me to come.  He was a little bit homesick (his friend Colton didn't go to camp this year and I think he was a little lonely).  How can a momma say no to her baby?  She can't. 

So, Sarah and I headed up to Camp Raven Knob armed with enough Bojangles Chicken, biscuits, and fixins to feed Peter and quite a few of the other boys. 

It takes a little over an hour to get there and Sarah was good company.  We made it, found where we were supposed to be and waited for Peter and the rest of the scouts to meet us. 

And y'all, I got the biggest hug ever when they finally came to the shelter.

I love this man child.
After we ate, Peter showed us around the camp.

Crossing a rope bridge. And yes, I crossed it, too.

I made Peter pose in front of this totem pole even though he didn't want to.  He said it made him look like a first year scout.
 And then we headed to the camp fire area to wait for the ceremony to begin.  They play music until it starts and a lot of the boys get down in front and dance.  Here are some of the campers doing the YMCA.  And no, Peter was not one of the kids dancing.  He's my kid after all.  He's not about to do anything to draw attention to himself.  :) 

I don't have any pictures of the actual campfire and the ceremony because it was dark and they asked us not to use flash photography.  It was a long ceremony but I'm glad I got to see it. 

And Peter was very happy that we came.  Dan made it just as the ceremony was beginning.  Sarah and I got home at 11:00 PM and went straight to bed. 

It was a long day but a good one.  And I am very ready to have my boy home on Saturday!


Mari said...

What a full, fun day! I love Sarah's hair, she's such a pretty girl.
It's great when your teenage son shows that he's happy to see you. Looks like he's having fun!

Kelli said...

Your lunch looks wonderful! Sounds like you are having a good summer!

Madeline said...

What a fun girls trip. And Peter wanting you to come? Melt my heart. I hope his time at camp finished strong for him!