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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A view from camp.

Peter made it home from Boy Scout camp on Saturday afternoon.  He was a little dirty and a lot happy to be home.  He had lots of stories to tell and he had a great time - even though he was  a  bit homesick.

He earned his Camping, Forestry and Wildlife, Kayaking, Citizenship in the World, and Woodworking badges.  He is slowly but surely meeting his requirements for Eagle Scout and will hopefully make it there in the next few years.

Dan spent Wednesday through Saturday at camp with Peter and took a few pictures of him Kayaking.  Peter said he had a great time working on this badge and it was his favorite session the whole week.

Dan and Peter always hike to the top of Raven Knob together and they always take a selfie.

And here's a picture of the whole motley crew.

Until next year!


Madeline said...

Awesome! I sure hope he goes all the way and gets his Eagle. (Hallmark has court of honor cards fyi!) All my best guy friends became Eagle Scouts in high school and they're still just the best guys. Scouts is great!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Camp seems like so much fun to me. Hey, I'd like to do this now! ;) So nice that he can earn so many badges in such a short time period....they really keep them busy.
My Cuz earned his Eagle award at a very young age and it started him on a great path! (West Point, The Army (Captain), Harvard and now he's a broker at Goldman Sachs in Manhattan) Wishing Peter great success!!