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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sarah and the Google

I've mentioned before that my sweet Sarah loves to watch DIY videos and beauty tutorials.  She's practiced a smokey eye, a cat eye, casual up dos, waterfall braids, and a whole host of other things thanks to a good You Tube video. 

But her latest obsession is growing out hair.  And growing it out quickly.

She has decided that she  no longer wants her hair short and she no longer wants bangs. (insert knowing motherly voice saying "I told you so" right here)

Because, y'all, I. Told. Her. So.

But some lessons in life (particularly cutting your hair short when you love to style it and your face is really round, and cutting bangs ever) have to be learned the hard way.

For instance, have you seen Princess Kate's new do?

I bet you $10 she is already regretting them and probably Googling "proper use of bobby pins while growing out bangs."

But, back to my princess.  She Googled "how to grow your hair faster" and came up with some lovely advice.

Last week, I found her upstairs massaging coconut oil into her scalp. Because apparently the internets told her that will make your hair grow faster.  I told her not to believe everything she reads on the internet and to immediately get into the shower and  use extra shampoo to get that oil out of her so she doesn't look like an oil slick at school the next day.

She did as instructed and I had hoped we were done with that.

But last night, I went upstairs and found her rubbing VASOLINE into her scalp!

"What are you doing?????" I screeched.

"I read online that you should massage Vasoline into your follicules  to encourage your hair to grow faster."

"I think you mean follicles not follicules."

"Oh. Well what's a follicule then?"

"I think you are combining follicle and molecule.  Follicule is not a word.  Now get into the shower right now and really scrub your hair with lots of shampoo and rinse it really well.  You are going to look ridiculous tomorrow."

"No, no.  I'll be fine.  I can get it all out and I bet my hair will be longer tomorrow."

I looked at her this morning and could only shake my head.

It looked like she had not washed her hair in weeks.

"Well, it looks like you are going to have to go with a slicked back bun today because your hair is a hot mess."

So then she takes to Google and tells me that she can just sprinkle some baby powder in it.

"I think that helpful tip is for people who haven't washed their hair in a day or two, not people with a half a jar of Vasoline in their hair."

So she went upstairs, put her hair in a bun and went off to school.  She was a little worried that people were going to tell her hair looked greasy.  And I'm sure someone will.

Hopefully this will put an end to rubbing grease into her hair follicules.


Billie Jo said...

I swear we have the same daughter!
Madison did the exact same thing!
And tried it all to grow it out!!!!
Oh.. And for the record... Not a fan of Prncess Kate's hair!!!! Yikes!!!
I suppose we are all entitled to one major misstep... I'll confess to a rather puffy perm in the eighth grade!

Madeline said...

I am also a believer that bangs almost always are a mistake. Some people can pull them off. Most can't. Poor Kate, I hadn't seen that, but yikes! There is one tried and true way to grow hair faster, vitamin D, good nutrition and time! (Do you need her to eat some veggies? Now's your chance!) Also, if she's still having issues with Vaseline, patting cornstarch in waiting a few minutes then shampoo works okay. Also blue Dawn dish soap. But it really strips the hair. Courtesy of my toddler. :)

Unknown said...

My daughter wanted me to buy horse shampoo...yes, that's right, horse shampoo. I refused. If we had horses, though, I'm sure she would've tried it without me knowing!! Good luck!

Amelia Bentrup said...

I''m 37 and I still put things in my hair that the Internet tells me too. LOL Like coconut oil. I'm in a constant search for a way to tame my frizzy hair without straightening or drying. FWIW, the coconut oil didn't work too well. Well, my hair wasn't frizzy, then it was just oily. LOL

Mari said...

Girls... :)
You did give me a laugh tonight though!

Kelli said...

Haha! Love this!