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Monday, September 21, 2015


It's Monday y'all and I'm glad!  It's been a busy 5 days or so for me so it's nice to look at the calendar this week and see lots of open space.

That doesn't mean I'll be bored though, so don't worry about me getting lazy!

Last Thursday we had our first general PTO meeting.  It was very well attended. But we promised refreshments and free dress down day passes so we knew it would be!  :)

I was in charge of the refreshments and I knew I wanted to keep it simple and easy with cheese and crackers.  But I also knew I didn't want it to be boring.  So, I did what I do and headed over to Pinterest and searched "cheese board".

And y'all!  Who knew there were so many elaborate ways to serve cheese?  I mean I love cheese and am very happy eating it straight from the pack, but apparently there are quite a few people out there than can make cheese look snazzy!

Here are a couple that caught my eye:

This one is courtesy of Half Baked Harvest.  Isn't it beautiful?

And this one is available if you hold your wedding at Flathead Lake MT Wedding Venue.
I knew I didn't have the budget or the time to pull off anything quite like this but I used these pictures for inspiration and shopped at Aldis and came up with the following simple cheese board:

Not bad for someone with a Pinterest dream but a PTO budget, eh?  I also added brownie bites with cream cheese frosting and some cookies at the other end of the table.  And of course there was wine because, it is a Catholic school!

And here's me doing my best Vanna White impression!

I had fun putting it together and I hope everyone had fun eating from it!


Lucky as Sunshine said...

Looks delicious

Pam said...

As a Baptist, your wine comment made me LOL! Nice spread..even on a PTO budget. Good job!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow. That is fantastic. Had I known you had wine at your pto meetings....well, you know.
This is nothing like the PTA meetings I used to run! When Jeff and I go out to dinner; we love to order a cheese board for the appetizer; yours is lovely!!

Madeline said...

You have set the bar very high for future PTO meetings. I hope whatever school my kids go to have a cheese tray. Looks great!!

Kelli said...

Wow! I want to be part of your PTO...our PTA meetings are not like yours.
You did a wonderful job!!
I have to let you know I,make your feta dip often. It is a real hit here!

Mari said...

I am so impressed! It looks worthy of pinning. Your wine comment made me laugh!