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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A little funny from Sarah and a big THANK YOU to my parents.

Tomorrow is my 15th wedding anniversary!  FIFTEENTH!!! 

My parents wanted to have a little get together to celebrate.  So we invited Jennifer and her family and my uncle and brother and  the 14 of us had quite a nice little shindig.

My dad smoked jalapeno poppers and wings and my mom made meatballs, pinwheels, cheese straws, veggies and dip, chili con queso, fruit, and a cake!

Before we headed over to their house, Sarah said, "Wow!  Grandma is going to all this trouble for your 15th anniversary, I wonder what she's going to do for your 50th?!"

After I picked myself up off the floor from the laughter, I told her that Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't be around for the 50th.  They would most likely be dead.

She looked confused and then I told her if there was going to be a 50th anniversary celebration, she was going to have to throw it. 

"Me?!  Well how old will I be then?"  she questioned.

I quickly did the math and said, "You will be my age now - 46!" (Well technically, that will be my age in a few days.)

She screwed up her face in disgust at the mere thought of being my age and just stood there shaking her head.

I remember being her age and thinking 45 was so old.  And now that I'm here, I just keep thinking how young 45 is and how quickly 35 years can fly by.  I hope she does get to plan our 50th (even though she will be so horribly old and I hope that we can wheel my 108 year-old dad and 107 year-old mom into the party! 

Thanks to my sweet parents for their love, support, and help over the last 45 years (and especially the last 15).  We couldn't do all this without you!


Madeline said...

How nice of them! Happy early anniversary and birthday! So fun to celebrate with friends and family. I hope you have many many more anniversaries with your parents in attendance. I am sure Sarah will love planning that 50th party when it's time.

Amelia Bentrup said...

Happy Anniversary. Too funny about the age thing.

Lucky as Sunshine said...

Very sweet of your parents to throw you a party..

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! It was sweet of your parents to throw the party. Sarah is a hoot!

deborah said...

I love seeing things from a kid's perspective. So funny!

Gorgeous cake and what a fun party. The food sounds delicious!

I'm betting Sarah will throw you a right proper party for your 50th!