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Saturday, June 27, 2015


It's been a crazy week but a good one so I thought it was time for a little #Babble.

Last Sunday, Peter left for Boy Scout camp.  He was so happy and excited to be heading off for another week long adventure that I didn't even have a chance to be sad. He'd picked lots of great merit badges to work on and his best friend, Colton, was going this year so he was even more excited than last year.

Dan headed up there on Wednesday night (he split the week with another dad) since he wasn't able to miss a whole week of work. 

Sarah and I had big plans for the week.  She had swim practice, a swim meet, and a swim party.  And in between all of that, we repainted her room. 

Two summers ago, she asked for an update to her room and we obliged. She choose a bright Pepto pink for three of the walls and even brighter purple for an accent wall.  She loved it (even though I had reservations about the brightness of the colors).

But she recently decided that the room was a little too babyish for an 11-year-old.  Dan typically does all the painting around here and told her that due to gardening, yard work, and business trips, it would most likely be fall until he could paint the room. So I told we would paint it while the boys were away.

And paint we did!  Luckily it's a small room but between getting the room cleared out, removing everything from the walls, putting putty on the holes, taping, and then fiiiiiinnnnnaly painting, it took over 2 days.  Thank goodness the room wasn't any larger. 

Yesterday morning we hit the stores to start decorating her room. She had a Hobby Lobby gift card burning a hole in her cute little purse and some birthday money as well. 

So we got a new comforter and some wall decorations but didn't find the "cute throw pillows" she was looking for - so she will be scouring the internet this weekend for those.  And once she has all of her accessories then she will officially decorate her room.  She wants to wait until she has everything before she puts it all together.

I can't wait to see how it turns out.  She chose a very pale pink paint (called Ballet Slipper) because she wants her "accessories to pop".  And she has chosen lots of bright things so I believe it's all definitely going to pop when she gets it all together.

And now, I'm working hard to get the house back in order after a week of crazy.  There's much laundry to do, groceries to purchase, and my boys will be home soon which means much more laundry! 

I can't wait to see them and Sarah is looking forward to showing off her new room to them.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Laura said...

I think we used the same color in my daughter's bathroom! Can't wait to see how her room turns out! Luckily, my 10 yo is still liking her pink/black/zebra room! Have a great weekend,

Madeline said...

So fun!! She looks so grown up painting! Hope we can see some after pictures.

Mari said...

Nice mother/daughter project! I can't wait to see the finished project!

deborah said...

Fun, fun! Will be fun to see how her room comes out! Happy decorating and creating home!

Pam said...

So excited to see her room when it's all completed. We painted over the pepto pink walls in my girl's room a number of years ago...bright lime green! And her hot pink accessories do indeed POP. It also glows into the hallway like a strange alien lives in her room. I keep hoping one day she will decide she wants subdued gray. (her stuff would still look cute but it would be so much more grown up. But at this point she doesn't care. lol)

Busy Bee Suz said...

How fun for you both. I's hard work, but it's the fun kind of hard work. I can't wait to see it all finished as well!!