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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Boy Scout Camp

Peter had a great time at Boy Scout camp last week. He loves Raven Knob!

Before camp, each scout picks up to six badges they want to work on.  Peter chose the following: Metal Work, Landscape Architecture, Fishing, Bird Study, Archaeology, and Forestry/Plant Science.  Each day, they attend a session for each badge and if they apply themselves, they can complete each badge before they leave camp at the end of the week.

He said he enjoyed each session  but that Metal Working was his favorite.  He made a wall hook and a pair of metal tongs and earned his badge.  He can tell you anything you want to know about metal working - just ask him! 

I think he enjoyed this one most of all because he got to walk around with pieces of hot metal saying "hot metal behind" and "hot metal coming through".  And his BFF Colton was in that class as well so that made it even better.

The only badge he wasn't able to complete was fishing because he never caught a fish.  In order to get that badge, we will need to go fishing this summer and hopefully he can catch something!

Dan was able to snap a few shots when he was there on Thursday and Friday.

Hammering hot metal.

Working together!

Colton working in the furnace.

Working on his tongs.

Playing games at camp in the evening.

Dan took a hike while the boys were in session and took this artsy photo.


Mari said...

They get to do really cool things at camp! I can see why Peter enjoyed metal working. He is looking so old!

Madeline said...

He looks very grown up with the metal tools. So interesting that he was drawn to that. It's a shame they have to catch a fish in order to get the badge, sometimes you just can't get a bite. It really looks like he was in his element! You'll be so glad you have these pictures one day for his Eagle Court of Honor!