Monday, June 8, 2015

Another birthday!

Yesterday was Dad's 73rd birthday and we also celebrated Sarah's birthday yesterday as well. 

Sarah had a mound of presents, but don't worry, she's not spoiled!  Her tastes run in nail polish, curling irons and clothes from Target so it may look like a lot but in reality it was all quite affordable.  (Plus there's presents from the rest of the family in there as well.)

My dad is a little bit spoiled.  His tastes run in smokers!  Dan, my brother and I went in on this little beauty for him:

Dad is smoking ribs on Friday night so the gift givers will be benefiting from this gift!  We are sneaky that way! ;)


Billie Jo said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your people, Beth!!!
Your daughter is the sweetest...
Have a great week...
Don't you just love the first couple weeks of summer?

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness the pictures of your dad and Sarah are adorable!

Mari said...

Cute pictures! And again, you have a pretty cake!
I think giving your Dad a smoker could benefit you in the long run. :)

deborah said...

The cake is beautiful! Love the picture of them looking at each other!

Woo-hoo for your "sneaky" gift!