Friday, June 19, 2015

It's swim meet time!

We had our first swim meet of the season on Tuesday.  The kids swam well and our team won!

And of course, I've got lots of pictures.




Breast Stroke

And here are all my kids (okay, my kids and Jennifer's kids but I feel like they are mine!) right before the swim meet.  

And this picture taken before Peter and Sarah's very first swim meet in June of 2010.  I swear this makes me want to weep just a little bit. And to really see the change over the years, check out this post.  Their strokes have definitely improved!  ;)


Laura said...

Your pictures are wonderful. My neice swims and she is gearing up for a state competition in Arkansas.

Madeline said...

Oh my heart. I have been reading along since they joined the Ducks but when you put those pictures side by side... oh man. They are growing into such wonderful people. I am so glad they swam well!