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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween themed bowling pins for your crafty pleasure.

Our school is having a Halloween Hullabaloo this Friday.  All the classrooms will have activities set up for the kids and there will be trick-or-treating and lots of fun.  My kids are excited but all of this means I have been working!

I'm grade parent for Sarah's class and we were assigned pumpkin bowling.  My BFF had a great idea for Halloween themed bowling pins on her blog a long time ago and I used these for inspiration.  However, I wanted the class to be able to use these pins next year, so I decided to make them from 1x4s.  I found a great idea on Babble and went from there.

It took me quite a while to make these because I made two sets (we are going to do bowling with bumpers for the younger kids and no bumpers for the older ones) and because I am  not crafty at all. 

While they don't look as professional as the ones on Babble, I think they turned out great! (And a hat tip to my brother, Brad for cutting the 1x4 for me and a big ole thanks to Dan for sanding them. I love men with power tools!)

And here they are up close and in person:

Isn't he the cutest Frankenstein ever?

The ghost was the easiest to make!

The jack-o-lantern was pretty easy too!

I was originally going to make a purple faced dracula but had a really hard time getting the face to look right.  So I scraped that idea and glued a bunch of wiggly eyes on the board and called it "Monster in the Night".  Genius, no?

I used duct tape to make the mummy's bandages.

This witch is probably my least favorite of all.  When Dan came home and looked at my work he told me it didn't look right.  So, I added a buckle to the hat and a wart.  (Notice in the top picture those weren't added yet.)  It looks a little better but I think the proportions are off.  Oh, well.  I'm not changing it! 


Diane Teague said...

What do you mean not crafty. I think they are great!

jennwa said...

They look great !!

Pam said...

They are all cute...the witch reminds me of a Veggie Tale. Good job. I try to be crafty and get the itch every once in a while, but not very often these days. I see cute crafts but pinning is about as far as it goes. lol

Mari said...

I am so impressed! You did good!