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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

24 more days to convince myself that this sounds like fun...

I saw on Twitter yesterday that Caleb Johnson (American Idol winner and NC native) was going to be performing at the Lexington BBQ Fesitval at the end of the month.  Even though I  live less than 20 minutes from downtown Lexington, I have never been to the BBQ Festival.

Although, this is a bit of a family disagreement.  My brother, who has an excellent memory (he's like an elephant that one), swears up and down that our family went to the very first one in 1984.  I don't remember going and my parents don't remember going but he INSISTS that we went. 

I would have been 15 at the time and in 10th grade but I have absolutely no memory of going.   I'm sure the first one would have been a fairly small event but now 29 years later, it's gotten to be pretty big.

But back to Caleb Johnson.  As soon as I read that he would be performing I knew Sarah would want to go.  She's not on Twitter so I was hopeful that she wouldn't find out because, do you see those crowds??  It will be a complete and total zoo there. 

About two hours after I saw the tweet, she came flying down the stairs screaming, "Margaret just texted me and said that CALEB JOHNSON was going to do a show somewhere around here!!!! Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? PUUUUUUHLEEEEEZE can we go?"

I told her I would have to talk to Dan.  I'm not even sure if he's going to be in town that weekend.  But I guess, if he's around, and the weather is nice, we could try to go.  She would be so very happy. 

They have 6 stages and, Caleb will be performing on the Grandstand right smack in the middle of the day, in the middle of the crowd, in the middle of all the crazy!

Sounds like fun, right?  I've got 24 days to convince myself of that. 


Madeline said...

Well... watching Sarah flip out would probably bring joy to your Momma heart. And BBQ is pretty good... so maybe it wouldn't be a total wash?

Mari said...

I hate crowds too. The things we do for our kids! I bet you'll be enjoying seeing Sarah have a great time though.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't love crowds, but I do love live music!!!! Do it; you'll have fun and then you can retreat back into your safe zone. (home)