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Friday, October 24, 2014

7QT: A whole lot of nothing!

Joining Jen for another exciting edition of Seven Quick Takes!

1.  Tomorrow is the big day!  We will be heading to the Lexington BBQ Festival to see Caleb Johnson.  The weather is supposed to be sunny and in the low 70s so I imagine the crowds will be huge.  They estimate around 100,000 people.  I'm excited to see how excited Sarah is going to be seeing Caleb Johnson, but I'm not excited about fighting the crowds.  I'm a teeny bit claustrophobic so big crowds and I don't mix. 

2.  Still not sure about getting Rosetta Stone for Peter.  He is  using the app he downloaded last week.  (The app he is using is Duolingo which is what several of you recommended.)  A couple of the boys in his class have downloaded it as well and Peter said they are practicing together.  Perhaps I better start socking away some money for that trip to Italy!

3.  Basketball is in full swing.  Peter and Sarah each have two two hour practices a week.  On Mondays, Sarah has practice from 3 - 5.  So I pick Peter up from school and bring him home.  He gets started on his homework.  I head back to the school to pick Sarah up at 5.  On Tuesdays, Peter has practice from 4:30 - 6:30.  I pick Sarah up at 3:00 but leave Peter in after school care where gets his homework done.  It's cheaper to do that than to bring him home at 3 and then turn right back around and take him back to school.  Then Dan picks him up at 6:30 on his way home from work.  On Thursday, Sarah has practice from 4:30-6:30.  I pick Peter up at 3.  She stays in after school care and does her homework and Dan brings her home at 6:30 on his way home from work.  On Fridays, Peter has practice from 3 - 5 so I pick Sarah up and bring her home and then go back and get Peter at 5:00. 

And it is at this point that I am really glad I made the decision to cut music lessons.  Any regrets I had earlier have been erased.  Our top priority is getting their homework done and they have a lot of homework each night. Extracurriculars are second. Something had to go and that was music.  Still a little bittersweet, but their homework and my sanity are key!

Check back with me on my sanity when we start adding games into the mix. 

4. Peter is finally using his deodorant every day without me telling him.  He's had the same deodorant since he started using it over a year and a half ago and has finally finished it.  I gave him a new one and told him to toss the old container.  He said he wanted to keep it so that he would always remember his first deodorant.  I fear I'm raising a hoarder.  Yes, I made him toss it. Yes, he was a little sad.  Yes, he gets his hoarding tendencies from his father.  Yes, I love them both anyway. 

5.  My weight loss has stalled but I'm trying not to let that get me down.  I'm just going to keep on with the plan and remember my mottoes:  "One pound at a time." and "Nine months on, 12 months off."

6.  Our peppers have finally come in and I did a bunch of canning this week! 

Jalapenos, banana peppers, green peppers, cow horns, anchos!!! 

7.  I keep hearing an annoying chirping sound.  One of the smoke detector batteries must be out. Now to start the search to figure out which one and get it changed.  I'm thankful though that it's chirping now and not when it normally does at 2:00 AM!


Mari said...

I think stopping the music lessons was what you needed to do. There are only 24 hours in a day!
The deodorant story with Peter made me laugh.
Have fun at the festival!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The basketball schedule made me dizzy. I can't imagine how you would've fit in music too! I LOL'd at the saving of his first deodorant; he is so darn funny!
I hope the concert is a lot of fun and not difficult to maneuver; not a fan of crowds either, but I love LIVE music!

Kelli said...

Such a fun post to read....
Loved the deodorant story and look at all your peppers...yum!!