Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If at first you don't succeed...

We are going to attempt another swim meet today.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the isolated and scattered thunder storms they are calling for this afternoon (and well, every afternoon since this is the south after all) will be kept at bay until after the swim meet.

It would be nice to get one swim meet in before the season is over.

I've already baked mini-muffins, cut up a watermelon, sliced up oranges, prepared my low-fat yet-delicous ranch dip, and cut carrots and celery to dip into said dip.

Now I just have to gather up something for the kids to snack on. 

And I'm only partly kidding.  I have to have something to do while waiting for my kids to swim a sum total of about 6 minutes over the course of 4 hours.  Eating fills the bill perfectly.  Well, eating and talking to the BFF!

All of this talk of food and eating is reminding me that I have until November to meet my goal of "not being the chunky one".   I did run this morning and that makes two mornings in a row. If the weather holds out I should be able to run every day this week (well, Monday - Friday cause Momma don't run on the weekends).

And that, plus a load of laundry pretty much sums up my morning so far. 

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