Monday, June 10, 2013

A birthday update.

Sarah's ninth birthday was Tuesday.  We celebrated with pizza with Jennifer's family at the pool after swim practice.   Dan was on yet another business trip last week so we didn't get to have our official family celebration until this weekend.

Aunt Cathy came to visit for the weekend and we went out to lunch with my family on Sunday after church and then back to my parent's house for cake and presents.

Sarah's present from us this year is a bedroom redo.  Her room is tiny but currently has a full size bed in it and it's just too big.  It takes up way too much space.  And her current dresser is her old changing table/dresser combo.  It works fine as a dresser but there's a shelf section on it that is impractical and once again, takes up too much space.

So, I've ordered a twin sized day bed and a new dresser which will be delivered in a few weeks.  While that makes it too late for her birthday, it gives us plenty of time to clean out her room - a task both she and I are dreading.  But it's got to be done.

Neither one of my kids like to throw anything away (a trait they inherited from their father) so I got three large Rubbermaid containers.  For all the items that I can't convince her to toss, I have promised her that we can put them in the containers and keep them in the basement. (Not sure at what point I will be able to toss these items but at least they will be out of sight, out of mind. And worst case scenario; Sarah can take them with her when she gets her own place!)

In addition to the furniture, we will be repainting her walls.  They will go from a pale pink to a much darker pink on three walls and purple on the fourth.  Let's just say she's waaaaaaaay more excited about the new colors than I am.  But it's her room and she definitely has her own opinions so we are going with it.  And if it looks too hideous, we can always repaint. 

Peter, Aunt Cathy, Sarah

My little family.

Sarah's birthday gifts!  She has been wanting that purple chair for a very long time!  (Thanks, Grandma!)

Peer and Grandpa


Sarah Elizabeth Wilson said...

Cute!! I was just wondering what you do for exercise wear/clothing/shoes?!?! Any helpful hints to get started on a fitness plan?? Thanks and I love your blog!!

Grandma T said...

Beautiful birthday girl and great birthday pictures!!

jennwa said...

Love that cake !!! Happy Birthday Sarah !!!