Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm afraid those shirts are here to stay.

Yesterday we threw away Sarah's bed.  Yep.  Just threw it away!  I couldn't believe Dan let it go so easily. Nothing goes in the trash without a bit of a fight.

Her current bed was also her crib (it was a convertible).

I remember going into the baby furniture store to get that crib.  It was the same store we got Peter's crib.

I saw a beautiful, bright, white crib and knew I wanted my baby girl to have that crib.  And the nice thing about that beautiful, bright, white crib was that it turned into a beautiful, bright, white toddler bed and then a beautiful,bright, white double bed.  (Just like Peter's only his wasn't bright, white because he's not a girl.)

It wasn't long though until the beautiful, bright, white finish was full of tooth marks and dents and just general gray grime.  How is it that kids are just so dirty even though it feels like all you are ever doing is cleaning them?

As we were transporting it to the basement to save for whatever reason, one of the bed slates came off on one end and I noticed that another piece of wood was fraying in another area. (High quality!)

"Let's just throw this thing away, Dan.  There's no need to keep it.  It's falling apart and it's filthy."

"Okay.  Fine by me," was his totally unexpected reply. Because when something enters into this house, it is typically here to stay.  You should see some of the faded, shrunken, ugly shirts in his closet that he refuses to get rid of.

But as we started off towards the dumpster (my dad currently has one outside his shop but it's going to be taken away in the next couple of days so the timing was perfect) Dan said wistfully, "I'm throwing away my baby's crib.  Aren't you sad that you are throwing away your baby's crib?"

He's so sentimental.  And I'm pretty much not.

So off it went.  Toss and gone!  And then Dan noticed our old bedspread that I had tossed in the dumpster earlier in the week. It had been in our linen closet taking up a lot of space ever since we got a new one in December. Now seemed like the perfect time to toss it because the dumpster was right there.

"Why wasn't I consulted about this?"  he half-hardheartedly joked but I was ultimately able to convince him to keep it in the dumpster.

Now if I could just as easily convince him to toss out some of those shirts.


Mari said...

I'm good at getting rid of things, except things like that crib. When it comes to things my kids used, I have a harder time. However - since my kids are all grown I've had to bite the bullet and do it. :)
Glad you got Dan to agree!

RR Mama said...

I know exactly what you mean. I live with a man is a pack rat, who is just like his mother. I love my mother in law, I really do. But she and my husband are just alike. I on the other hand toss everything! If we don't use it, toss it. It drives him crazy when he asks hey where is so and so and I tell him I tossed that months ago. Just sneak in there while he's out and take a few out at a time so he doesn't notice a bunch of shirts missing all at once. :)