Monday, January 30, 2012

Shiny new halos are the latest in fashion accessories!

Sarah made her First Confession on Saturday morning.  As I was driving her to the church, she said several times, "I'm nervous."

"That's okay, sweetie.  All the kids are probably nervous.  In fact, grown ups are usually a little nervous when they go to Confession as well."

"Telling me that doesn't make me any less nervous."

So we prayed that God would give her courage and that he would take away her fear.

"I only have two things to tell the priest!" she declared.

"Only two things?  Do you think you need to examine your conscience a little longer?  There will be some quiet time before we get started."

"No.  I think these two are perfect.  I'm a pretty good girl after all."

After she came out of the room with the priest she exclaimed, "That was easy and now I feel like I've been washed clean and I'm wearing a shiny new halo!"  

Washed clean and wearing a shiny new halo - that's exactly what it feels like when you know your sins are forgiven and the light of God's grace fills your soul.


Mari said...

How cute! True though - it's a great feeling.

Annikke said...

That is so great! I love it. It's a good feeling to know your sins are forgiven!

Christine said...

Kids are so precious!

Tricia said...

When my daughter had her First Reconciliation she was soooo happy after she asked me "Can we go to confession again tomorrow?"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And, and oh so true!!

Grandma T