Saturday, January 14, 2012

If I'm no help, then why do they keep asking me?

Sarah:  "Mom, what should we do? We're bored."

Me:  "Well, you could paint a picture, write a story, play Sing It on the Wii, play Just Dance on the Wii, watch TV, draw with the colored pencils, swing on the swing set, shoot baskets, color with chalk on the driveway, play dress up or play Hide and Seek."

Sarah:  "Let's go Cheyanne.  Clearly Mom is no help."


Grandma T said...

That girl is a mess! Good things she's such a cutie!

Andrea said...

tanner and alex do the same thing...they'll ask for me to come and help them and when i try, they won't let me. and then when i walk away, they get mad at me because i didn't help them?!?! i don't understand kids!!! ; )