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Monday, September 26, 2011

I love you to Mom

Sarah is a night owl.  She's usually awake long after we call "lights out". 

When I come up for bed to check on her, I can always tell that she had been busy before she finally closed her eyes.   Books, colored pencils, paper and dolls strewn around her bed are all evidence that she was working hard on everything but sleep.

One of the things she likes to do when she should be sleeping is to write notes and leave them strategically posted for the recipients to find.  She will leave Peter a note on his pillow beside his head while he is sleeping.  Or she will leave a note for Daddy on his nightstand. 

Sometimes she will write me a note on the back of a picture of the two of us or sometimes she will draw a picture to go with the sweet words.  Sometimes I find these notes on my dresser, other times they are laying beside my sink.

Lately though she has left me the same note laying on the floor at the entrance to her room:  "Mom turn off the fan."  She has been sleeping with the ceiling fan on but always wants it turned off when I go to bed.  And she doesn't trust me to remember this so she makes sure to leave me a note. 

On Saturday night, I was greeted to the same ceiling fan note and as I was tucking her in, I noticed her MagnaDoodle at the foot of her bed.  It had been wiped clean of whatever doodles she had been making so I picked it up and left the following note on it:  "I love you, Sarah!"  I laid it back at the foot of her bed propped up so she would notice it first thing after she woke up.

The next morning she saw called me up to her room and excitedly asked when I had left her the message.  She was so happy with the little note.  Why hadn't I left her a note like this sooner? 

This morning, sweaty from my run, I decided I would check my email before grabbing a quick shower and heading out the door to do all of my Monday morning errands.

And this is what greeted me on my computer:

I can't tell you how happy this tiny little note made me.  One quick little note from my sweet, thoughtful daughter made my dreary Monday morning.

And this little note reminded me of one I left my mom when I was Sarah's age.  It said, "Dere Mom, I love you.  You love me to I no."  Mom framed that little note and it still sits in her kitchen to this day, 35 years later. 

I'm off to check Google to see if anyone makes a picture frame the size of a Post-It note!


Mari said...

That is so sweet! Reading this post left me with a big smile on my face. I love the idea of framing it.

Aimee said...

That is the best thing I've read on the internet all day! So sweet. :) And you are absolutely right to frame it!

Grandma T said...

This left me teary-eyed! Such a sweet, sweet story!

Kimberly said...

This is so precious! Sweet girl you've got there!

deborah said...

That is so sweet! Little things from my kids make my heart sing. The idea of framing is super fun!