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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to make curls with a sock bun!

I was cruising around Pinterest the other day and found a link to a YouTube Video on how to create beautiful curls overnight with a sock. 

Interesting, I thought.  I'll give it a try with Sarah.  And that's exactly what we did.

Here is a quick picture tutorial of how to make pretty curls with a sock bun.

This is Sarah's hair after we washed and dried it. We have done the sock bun curls on freshly clean hair and two-days-ago-it-was-clean hair.  It worked great both ways.
 Put the hair into a ponytail on the very top of your head.  We got ours a little off center but that doesn't matter.

Next you need to take an old sock and cut the toe off.

Then you need to roll the sock up like a do-nut.  Just start rolling and in just a few seconds it will look like this:

Then spritz the end of the pony tail with a little bit of water - not too much just a couple of spritzes. Then take the sock do-nut and place it on the pony tail so that a couple of inches of hair is  hanging out:
Then take those couple of inches of hair and wrap around the sock do-nut.  Do this by folding the ends around the sock and tuck the hair underneath the sock.  It will look like this:
Then start rolling the rest of the hair under the sock until the sock reaches your scalp.  This is very easy and only takes a few seconds.  Then you have this:

 Then all you have to do is sleep on the bun.  It's soft and on the top of your head so you can't even feel it according to Sarah.  Wake up the next morning and roll the sock out of your hair, remove the elastic ponytail holder, shake your hair a little (don't brush!) and voila:

So pretty, so quick and it doesn't damage the hair!


Pam said...

It seems like I saw this in an old movie, except lots of socks all over the head. My mom may have mentioned doing it when she was young. Looks beautiful!

Grandma T said...

Such a neat idea...and so beautiful!

jennwa said...

Love the model pose. Her hair looks beautiful.

deborah said...

How awesome is that! I used the sock trick once to make a bun, but never realized it would do the whole curl thing!

RR Mama said...

Turned out so cute! I love Pinterest. I'm addicted. And Yes we are doing Jonah. I love it! It's a great study and I would highly recommend it. It really got me thinking and then with everything going on this week it has really hit home. I love Priscilla, she is a fabulous speaker.

Anonymous said...

I like this! thanks! and by the way i say this on pinterest and thats what made me so curious. though the one i saw didnt have a tutorial. im the only girl im my family with straight hair, my older sister is 18 and its super long and curly and beautiful! now i can be one of them! i might try it with wet hair for tighter curls, thanks for the tut!

Anonymous said...

This is cool. I am going to try it.