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Monday, September 12, 2011

Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes you need a little extra explaination!

This weekend we celebrated our birthdays.  Dan's birthday is actually today and mine is tomorrow but we had a big lunch complete with cake at Mom and Dad's yesterday.

My brother was in charge of taking pictures of us blowing out the candles on our cake and I just had to share them.  And even though the pictures don't show it, we did have a really nice celebration!

Please read the captions so that you understand exactly what's going on in each photo!

This is us and our cake. Please note the candles have just been lit and the singing is about to begin.

Everyone is singing "Happy Birthday" to us.  Please note Peter and Sarah's open mouths - they are singing too!  It's almost time for us to blow out the candles!

My brother was slow with the shutter release button so what you missed is Sarah blowing out the candles.  And instead what you see is me looking shocked, Dan looking mildly annoyed and Peter getting mad!

Here we are laughing at the fact that Peter is so upset.  So Grandma decided that we should relight the candles and do it again.

This is Dan relighting the candles.  (Obviously!)

Once again, my brother was late pressing the shutter release button on the camera so instead of a nice picture of the two of us blowing out the candles on our cake, you get a picture of Dan just finishing his blow and me looking highly annoyed that my brother missed the shot - again.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!  I know I got a big kick out of them when I looked at them.  Especially the last one.  What a face!


Pam said...

LOL, you should have lit them AGAIN! (Third time's the charm?)

OK, by my calculation, you guys celebrated your birthdays AND your anniversary all within a week? WOW!

Kimberly said...

These are your expressions in the "Sarah blew the candles" pic and the bottom one. Priceless!

RR Mama said...

Awe... Happy Birthday, even if you didn't get a picture of them being blown out. I think it's cute that Peter got so upset. Hope you both have a great day!!

jennwa said...

Very Funny!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful friend!!!